Friday, October 9, 2009

I really must try to keep a more regular record of what I am doing and how I feel.

So far I seem to have lost over 3 kg in less than 3 weeks.and I'm not 100% on the Kate Morgan program. I think I feel better more often but that is such a subjective matter because it can depend on the weather, how busy I am at work, how well I sleep and what comes along to stress me out. I am not as resilient as I once was and I find that even small deviations from a planned day can cause me to be 'out of sorts.'

I haven't been on the giant snail, (cross-trainer), for a few days. I felt a bit ragged for a day or two but today was just plain lazy.

Today I began with a berry protein smoothie, had a salad with cold roast beef for lunch. Then went a bit off plan by having a cappuccino and cake with cream before going to work. I really cheated on myself but it was so nice to have a little bit of time completely on my own that I reverted to an old treat. At work I just had a glass of water and a smaller glass of zero coke. When I got home I had a vegie soup with little grated cheese and a snack bar. I think I only had 4 large cups of water all day and that could explain why I feel slightly odd, almost light headed and nauseous occasionally. The good thing is I'm not terribly hungry, not struggling with major cravings, no headaches and my mood is a little better. I was getting so grumpy and really feeling quite depressed. That all seems to be improving.

I'm not ready to jump over the moon or swing from the chandeliers but I'm not so down. I don't think I'm stressing so much either.

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kate said...

i love that you call it the giant snail margieanne because thats exactly what it looks like to me too hehe. the soup with the grated cheese is a great idea, and i bet its quite filling as well. xox