Monday, 19 October 2009


Where do I start.

TWJ is still sick but well enough to take to Dr. today and it will be another 10 days at least before he goes back to work. I had to stay with Mum Thursday and Friday nights as daughter, Jay, was away. I felt so angry that I had little choice but to leave my sick husband to be with Mum. I would never have guessed that a day would come when I had to choose between my mother and my husband. Sometimes life stinks. I slept badly and ended up very sleep deprived.

Sat. nights we have the supervisor from hell .... or at least that's how it feels to me. This last Sat. I came so close to walking out, but I really cannot afford to toss my job because I don't like 'her' manner. It felt as though the wicked witch of the west had been let loose. I drove home, all 30 minutes, in tears. TWJ was very sweet and supportive when I got in. Funnily enough one of the young ones was very indignant and last night was telling everyone how disrespectful 'her' was toward me and she was off to tell senior management. It's a no win situation because 'her' has the approval of the boss who thinks everyone who complains about 'her' is a trouble maker. Never mind that nearly all find 'her' a problem. Many have left because they've had enough and many have been in tears. It's really sick when grown women end in tears because of one person. Strictly speaking 'her' is usually technically right. The locals must notice that the times 'her' is the most senior person on checkout there is an atmosphere. No joking, smiles are hard to come by as we are all stressed, no talking etc. I've even heard customers ask why we are all sucking lemons.

Needless to say what with being at Mum's and feeling so upset my eating plan went down the tubes and I am back to square one.

Today I take TWJ to Dr. He is coughing and spluttering and probably has a temperature. I am also going to look at another job. It's at a bakery. It could be a really bad move, (note bakery! bread, cakes .....), for me but have been assured that I will enjoy the workplace and the work is a lot lighter and the pay better. Not sure that I want to start at 4 am though. Because there is a more personal relationship with the manager and flexible hours I should be able to work it in with things I want to do as well as Mum's care but I will know all this a lot better later today.

I haven't made a great start today but I do have all my food in place it is just a matter of organising it in my head and doing it. I think I will feel better after a more relaxed day today.
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