Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I say almost because I'm going out to a church meeting tonight. Isn't it funny how things work out. Recently I have been crying inside for lack of Christian Fellowship and wondering how we can change our life to accommodate this without causing extra stress and along comes this opportunity to go to a mid-week meeting where friends are going to speak.n

In the meantime I have been pondering the change of attitude on low carbohydrate diets. There is still a hard core traditional group who are very disparaging of these types of diets equating them with the high fat Atkins rather than well balanced nutrition. I have many friends who have had surgery and when I listen to them, read their stories and watch their progress most of them still have their eating dis-order and have as many struggles as I do to eat and drink healthily. As fat has become a mainstream political battle so there has been recognition that weight loss by surgery or special diets is acceptable as long as they are nutritionally safe. While many nutritionists continue to say prissily, 'just eat less,' many recognise that there is a whole raft of reasons and difficulties behind the weightiness of the population, especially the 'educated middle classes.'

For instance I do not eat very much fast food, junk food or fried food but I have made some massive gains through over-eating and stress. My downfall foods will always be starches. That is my argument with WW. Their emphasis on carbohydrates drives me crazy. Why eat the almost empty calories in pasta, bread etc even if they are wholegrain, when all that nutrition is available in vegetables which do not have the same weight gain potential. I'm not intending to knock WW (or condemn anyone who eats those foods which I believe are healthy and I do like them,) ... just one of the reasons it doesn't work for me. I see the recipes and the menus and am put off before I start because I know that I cannot eat those things in the amounts recommended for weight loss and be satisfied. I look at the menu and feel defeated. It is better for me not to go there. WW is not alone in this kind of thinking. I've learned to switch off when those kinds of weight loss systems are being advocated. But it hasn't stopped me feeling guilty for deciding that I will not follow mainstream diet programs.

I have been sabotaged by this guilt several times. I've listened to those who called what I was doing unhealthy because it does not follow the standard set by blinkered nutritionists.

The first time was several years ago when I belonged to a very successful and supportive weight loss forum and a newish member posted some really stroppy comments about the unhealthy dangers of lower carb or ketogenic diets where one checks regularly that one is in the weight loss zone. I was on a well tried well tested program. It was working well. I felt the healthiest at any time in the last 35 + years. She never looked at my daily intake and exercise. She never accepted that I was probably eating a healthier diet than many people on the forum. I was eating aproximatly every 3 hours, 5 or 6 x day. I had protein at every meal including snacks. I also ate a measure of carbohydrate as found in vegetables and some fruits at every meal and I was eating less fat than my ordinary diet and taking an omega 3 supplement. I was walking and exercising, getting fitter everyday. Most of my food was unprocessed so I knew what I had prepared, cooked and eaten. I was drinking good amounts of water or herbal tea, almost no caffeine or soft drinks, (sodas).

I still wonder why I keep falling off this plan because it suits me so well but of course I miss the easy solution to dealing with stress .... a sandwich, heavy with butter, and whatever there is to fill it from jam, (jelly) and cheese to huge hunks of meat, or a relaxing visit to the cafe for cappuccino with cake.

I do know that I need affirmation to keep to my plan and continuous criticism implied or real eventually wore me down so that when 'Life' happened I was ill prepared to cope with the situation and continue against the grain of common thinking even when I knew I was doing what was best for me.

Sorry if this is a rambling thing to read but I am getting to the point.

Suddenly I find medicine is recommending diets based on shakes. In the 70s I tried a VLCD, very Low Calorie Diet. It was groundbreaking and on the fringe of what was acceptable practice. I can see little difference between that VLCD and Kate Morgan, (and other diets based on shakes, soups and diet bars,) except that that Kate Morgan may not be quite so low in calories. Suddenly Surgeons and Doctors are lobbying Governments to make it easier for overweight people to afford surgery to restrict their eating. People are put on 'shake' diet to prepare them for surgery. Suddenly Pharmacies are recommending and setting up consultation rooms for people on 'shakes.' All this is very interesting to someone who tried these things years before they became fashionable and then got scared.

You see I have some medical background and considered medicine to be almost God-like in the sense that it is based on science. I never considered that even science is subject to fads, subject to prejudice and can be ignored by people who don't want the status quo to change and how anything new or radical causes the 'old guard' to raise hackles. That meant that while I wanted to make an independent decision I also ran scared because I was bucking the system, the accepted way to lose weight.

Today there is an overload of information yet we still are told the old way is the best way with little regard for the individual or the facts. If the old way really worked there would be very few fat people.

Lifestyles have changed. There is a huge variety of tasty and quick food available that bewilders those of us who grew up decades ago. We need to hear more from the success of people who run good healthy programs that work. I cannot understand why the Lindora Clinic program is not up there with Atkins. It is so much more healthy. I can not understand why 'shske' diets such as Kate Morgan or Tony Fergusson are so maligned by so many when they work and give many people a chance to lose weight and then control their goal weight.

I need to believe in my own decision. I know what is best for me. I know what works for me. I know what makes me feel healthier but gives me better health. Somehow I need to have that knowledge become heart knowledge with the knid of confidence that makes it impossible for other people to undermine me by criticism either real or implied.

I have no idea what brought this impassioned tirade on. Maybe it was some bad memories, maybe it is knowing what my daughter will say when she discovers what I'm doing or maybe it was the comment from my hairdresser whom I adore and respect as a friend. She commented on all the 'chemicals' in these diet foods. Sadly I agree because I prefer to eat natural foods. When we have asparagus I don't fuss it up with dressing. We eat it plain, freshly cooked, off the plate, even without butter and it's delicious. Yummmm.

But I have a lot of weight to lose. I am growing older everyday and already my health is compromised and I am taking a fair amount of medication to reduce blood pressure. I have tried most things and have never found a permanent solution for me in over 50 years of being concerned about my weight. Note that the concern began while I was still normal weight. All I want is something I can do that will help me lose weight fast, get me away from danger foods, be reasonably satisfying, fit into my sometimes crazy life, and something I know brings the benefit of well-being.

Do I ague too much? Does that mean I have doubts?

Maybe but I'm pushing them to one side and getting on with what works.

No more doubting. No more letting other peoples fears and predjudices influence me. It's my life and I want to live it as best I can. I believe I am doing the best thing I can do to regain my healthy weight and maintain it.

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kate said...

well said margieanne. you are a wise woman, and you are your OWN person, dont let society or growing trends try and influence your decisions. xox