Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I think I'm weird. I know I'm not the only weird one because I read other people's weight loss/gain stories. Here's mine for this week.

This is my very unhealthy HYC catchup.

Last Wed I weighed in at WW and had lost most of 1 kg in spite of having a bad week with flu and eating too much sugar and other high carb comfort foods. I then went into panic recovery mode and shed the gain in time to WI.

After that the week got a little crazy with son & his wife from Christchurch and son from Rotorua visiting; and planes to catch and other last minute panics like sorting out finance for Jay & Os. By Monday afternoon I was shattered and was incapable of sensible practice.

Eating right had gone out the window and it got worse. Yesterday I made a feeble attempt to rein in my eating and drinking habits but continued down the sugary carbohydrate trail. Today I have begun badly again.

Why do I do this to myself?

At least I'm sitting here being a little bit honest. The whole truth is too shocking even for my eyes.

There was such a sense of relief when we knew Jay and Os were on their way. The financial thing has been more stressful than I was willing to admit. Jay has been particularly stressed and it was good to have her gone and not rubbing her stress off on me. It didn't help that she has paid for our air tickets on her Visa and we don't have enough cash to pay her off in a lump sum. I think we are getting even that sorted out now so we will all have enough money to enjoy our holidays.

I ate with the relief of a person relaxing at the end of a hard days week.

It is always so hard to pull out the STOP button. But I really must do this right now.

We have no power for the rest of the day. I can eat cold roast beef, Greek yoghurt, salad etc. I can drink water from the tap. I will not starve or die of thirst. I cannot do many things like vacuum, laundry, etc and I'm about to run out of battery time on my laptop, but I can go for a walk. It is cool and fine .... for days it has been wet and cold. Today is an improvement.

I have no excuse except that I am so dull, over loaded with sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates and gluten. Typical stress foods.

Is it not weird that I eat the very things that stress my physical system when it is already emotionally stressed?

Sometimes I hate me .... that is the 'couldn't care less' me. I wish I could get rid of it forever.

Here are some pretty pictures to cheer up the day.

Mum with G in wheelchair, A holding Lexie and W trying to hold a wriggling Katie

Lexie showing off his winter coat. The ruff is a little unusual for his breeding but doesn't he look handsome with it.

Katie's pretty face

Katie loves Mum taking her for walks in the carry compartment of her walker. Mum thinks it's mighty cute too.

Katie hiding under the couch .... not really hiding, actually showing off and walking upside down on the under-lining.
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