Friday, 8 May 2009


Don't think I did serious damage but all I want to do right now is eat.

The day is over and will be in bed soon. Began well but so many little chores and a panic interruption early afternoon to get a fax away for Os, (from Turkey), & Jay. Os needed something done about his Visa and I had about 1/2 hour to find the info drive into town and get it faxed. All sorted but was a bit of an emergency at the time as the immigration office said they would deal with it by 2 pm or it would take weeks!!!!!

We'd already been disappointed by the bank. It is so frustrating to have all our cash tied up. Monday is another day to work on things.

Things not so great at work .... 'trouble in paradise'. Interesting how messy it gets when the boss listens to the one person who causes difficulties and thinks she is goody two shoes and all the really good staff get a hard time. Terrible atmosphere last night and of course there was still a hang-over today. Hope this one works out justly but no-one is holding their breath. I'm not involved but I'm picking up all the vibes and feel for those who are. Also tonight we were really busy for the first 2 hours and I possibly lifted too many heavy things in a hurry as all the old pain tried to scream at me. Fortunately things got very quiet after that so I didn't have to push myself again.

No walk, just the 4 hours on my feet at work.

Food ..... Breakfast Smoothie, snack, small piece parmesan cheese, Lunch, chicken nibbles and small salad. The chicken nibbles, from the Supermarket Deli seemed greasy although I don't think they were deep fried. I will have to ask how they cook them. They had a rich, yummy cornmeal crust so I don't really think I should be eating them. An apple and a protein bar made up the rest of my snacks until I got home and feasted on roast beef and pumpkin. Again it seemed rather fatty so that is not good for me. I was in ketosis this morning but not likely to be tomorrow now.

I need to go to bed now but I will also and think carefully through tomorrow because we must leave home about 8.15 and I need to make sure I have good food choices for the next 14 hours as well as work clothes.It is easier on the weekends we borrow Mum's car but I don't like to do it too often.

I can taste the fat and I don't like it much so won't be eating that way again.
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