Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I thought it was going to be a warm sunny day. It's not. I'm cold. I must change into something warmer.

I can manage the morning and maybe the evening but I'm not sure how I will get through the middle of the day. We are having lunch out. How come I get myself in the right space to get my eating habits back on track the same week as Mum's birthday. Was there something psychological going on that said to me? ...... 'Start doing it right on Monday May 4th and you can blow it the next day'.

Well I'm determined not to 'blow it' today but it is going to be really hard. I need to give myself permission to have an ordinary lunch, but make sure it is low calorie and as low in carbs as possible. I hope there is a good protein choice and I will drink water rather than diet drinks. I just might have a black coffee. I think I can get away with one. Definitely not cappuccino, my bete noire, not that I dislike them but I cannot drink one without a large spoon of sugar so out the window they go.

Plan for today. 30 minutes stretch after a 15 min walk.
drink 8 glasses of water/unsweetened herbal and fruit tea.
be aware of what I eat during lunch.
eat regular protein snacks .... 2 or 3 times
Avoid the chocolates or any other tempters.
Enjoy the day with family.

The exercise is not going to happen unless I suddenly become energetic this evening. Something that never happens.

All else is going to plan, so could be a lot worse JC.

Had a nice lunch ..... beef sandwich with salad. I gave TWJ & Os the bread. The rest was very tasty but only just enough to eat. Thankfully I had some pieces of chicken left from last night that went well as a late afternoon snack. Tea is going to be a tuna loaf made with eggs and cottage cheese. TWJ can have whatever veges he likes. I will have a little celery or something like that as I've run out of salsa to go with the loaf. I have to watch myself with this loaf as it makes several serves and I can eat 1/2 of it in a single sitting .... it is so yummy if I get the seasoning right.

No other great words of wisdom today. Blessings to all my readers.
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