Saturday, 9 May 2009

I turned on my laptop as soon as I got up and went to Google Reader. I've added a few more Blogs so have nearly 100 posts or more to read. I got a little too interested and became somewhat pushed for time. I made my smoothie in a hurry and drank it in the car. It was sour. I couldn't understand why my taste buds were almost rebelling when they have been generally quite satisfied in the past. .... I had forgotten to add the protein powder which has some stevia to sweeten.

The plan is there is very little plan. I will take a few almonds and dried apricots for my snack this evening at work and we have vegetable soup to heat up when we get home. I keep it pretty plain with just enough seasoning and stock cubes to make it palatable. I used, or should I say TWJ chopped up with manly abandon, carrots, swede, (turnip), celery, onion & stewing steak. I like my soup to have more or less clear liquid and finely chopped veges. It doesn't matter if the meat is chunky because it falls to bits anyway. So this soup has a stew like quality with fairly chunky veges, but I will eat and enjoy. Lunch looks like lite tuna & salad. Doesn't excite me on a cold day but this is something I know I can do. It's not going to kill me to have a cold salad. In fact the non 'weight-loss conscious' me would probably eat something that is likely to kill me quicker. My other snacks will consist of cold roast beef and parmesan cheese.

So far not too bad with drinks, about 4 mugs unsweetened fruit/herbal tea and I've had a little walk when Jay and I took the cats out. I can't really call it exercise although I finished by picking up my cat to keep him from a stray dog that appeared on our lawn. I carried him up the slope into the house puffing like a steam engine, ....so unfit it's not funny.

I know this has become boring but I am using my Blog to stay on focus. I don't seem to be in the right space to use a tracker. Maybe tomorrow when I have more time at home ...... until 12.15 in fact, or Tuesday which is my only day at home.
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