Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 9 LFL

Today is full of traps. I have a rough throat. Going to Mum's for whole day leaving home at 9.30am. At least I have time to do a couple of things at home first and the sun is shining if cool still. Grocery shopping with list, must check whether I have chiropractor apt. WW 5 pm and quizz with Jay at 7 pm. Home after 10 pm and for some reason I slipped back into my poor sleeping pattern last night so will need an afternoon snooze.

Walk should happen. Food:- Breakfast; berry smoothie: Lunch; tuna salad I planned for yesterday: Dinner; no idea at this point but I'm longing for a steak: Snacks; almond & dried apricot, can tuna, banana or cheese or portion protein bar.

I am looking for a good WI so will watch food carefully and make sure I drink more in the morning than afternoon.

Survived until evening then ..... but walk never happened as we did a big grocery shop during the best part of the day and I didn't want to go out in the cold air. I also swapped the tuna for chicken nibbles at lunchtime.

I have a chesty cough and felt rotten all day so came home after WW ... no Pub Quizz for me and I was looking forward to having a steak for my tea there too. At haven't lost it completely because I am now going to bed but after a medium bowl of soup I had a sausage, (cooked in readiness for TWJ when he gets home soon). I wrapped the sausage in bread smothered in BBQ sauce. At least no butter there but then I made a bread, butter and grape jelly sandwich. My first not-so-good choice in over a week.

I'm off to bed in a few minutes with a Beverly Lewis book. For those who have never heard of her, she writes mainly about the Amish people and they are full of lovely people with a strong bite of reality as well as the not so nice too. She makes quite a feature of the struggle as the generations find themselves out of step with modern everyday life. I enjoy the realism without the lewdness. I've become quite wary of books written in the last 3-4 decades as so many of them are unnecessarily explicit. Nothing turns me off faster than a sex scene. I don't think I am a prude. I simply believe that sex and love should go together and belong as a private and wonderful expression of love. I'm not so naive to think that sex happens in all kinds of ways and many people use it as a kind of recreational sport even, not to mention all the various perversions. I just don't like coming across a sexually explicit scene in a book I was enjoying up to that point. Beverly Lewis writes safe books yet I find the stories catch me and I keep turning the pages.

Sorry about the little rant. You should hear me when I get going.

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kate said...

even with the lack of sleep and running around after everyone margieanne you are still doing exceptionally well food wise!!! love seeing this healthy approach :D xox