Tuesday, 12 May 2009


At last I am getting in the groove, although 8 days is not a very long time it is better than half a day or at best 3 days which is all I seemed to be able to manage for the last 6 or more months. I'm keeping my weight loss ticker to short goals of 5 kg at a time and will extend it as I pass each small goal. It is another little tool to keep my enthusiasm going.

Today I will eat pretty normal food that is aimed at getting the best out of a weight loss program. It will go something like this. Breakfast; Berry Smoothie: Lunch; 85gm can lite tuna tossed with lettuce, other veges and Paul Newman Light Honey Mustard Dressing: Dinner; soup with grated parmesan: Snacks; cold beef, banana, portion of protein bar, or piece parmesan. I can eat all this and obey the rules. Yay!

I am slack on exercise still. No walk as I had promised myself yesterday. I will build up slowly again. My goal is to walk 31 km or 19 miles per week by the time we leave in 4 weeks. Yikes that doesn't give me long to build up but I know it is achievable. I wish I had a treadmill. It would be a breeze to get on while the TV is going of an evening. I'm going to have to add another string to my self discipline training programme. Another ticker goes up to help me get 'excited' about this project.

Now to get some action instead of sitting here.

I changed things a bit as have no lettuce in house and wanted a hot lunch so heated, in a foil packet, the cold beef, carrot, baked potato & onion. Later I was getting munchy .... the cold weather I guess so had 3 brazil nuts and 3 jazz cherries for one of my snacks. The soup is still on the menu for this evening.

I rested this afternoon and even fell asleep. I was feeling so restless, not knowing what to do with myself and the cold wind put me off walking. It was the right thing to do because I got up and went for 2km walk late afternoon as the wind was dropping. I'm really quite chuffed that I walked that far without dying. After all I weigh a ton and am 1 month away from my 70th birthday. I must be reasonably healthy but the proof is in doing it again tomorrow and the next tomorrow......
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