Tuesday, 19 May 2009


From Monday Mailbag Finally getting fit by JM

Is your fitness journey a mental one as well as a physical one?

Oh yes! I've lost my routine of a daily walk and it takes a huge mental effort to begin to develop the routine again. First I have to bulldoze my way past all the exhaustion/weariness which is my body's way of telling me it wants/prefers status quo. The tiredness is real most of the time, because I'm unfit. I really liked a post by someone a little while ago about the momentum of moving a very large wheel. (Was it Hanli)? I enjoy walking but it's always an effort to get myself doing it. Procrastination reigns.

Fitness is not something that just happens. Daily activities have never contributed greatly to my fitness except in the years we had a commercial garden. Then I got all the exercise I needed doing what had to be done.

I think if my body was lighter I would have more energy and have to work a little less hard mentally to get in the exercise it needs but does not crave. So I find myself in a VICIOUS CIRCLE. Until I lose some more weight and have been eating for health a little longer my poor over exercised brain has to do all the work, sooling (not sure of how to spell or whether it is Kiwi, Aussie or whatever), my body into healthy activity.

The steps to getting brain to motivate me.

1. Go to bed with a simple plan to walk tomorrow.
2. Wake up and think ...Yes this is the day.
3. Look out the window. Today I have no excuse.
If there are excuses, re-work the idea of a walk until it fits the kind of day.
4. Have breakfast ... if possible put this off as long as possible so that there is not enough time to fit in a walk. I do need to have something in my stomach before I walk so this is important.
5. Right finally ... breakfast is behind me so I can put on my walking shoes. Once I've done that I am usually committed.
6. If that plan fails then I can walk later in the day now we have autumn temperatures.
8. I did keep a graph, in a gold pen and with stars, of steps walked each day. Somehow that seems cumbersome this time round so I'm just keeping a weekly walking ticker on this site. As of writing it is lying but I definitely will fix this by getting out there mighty soon. It will save updating the ticker ... right.
7. If that plan fails I can start again psyching myself up tonight.

Planning and committing and stopping the procrastination are all mental issues.

It does get easier day by day especially if I can begin to get a sequence of days. Once I get on a roll I prefer to walk early. My routine then becomes .... make a hot drink, get dressed, make and drink my smoothie and out the door. Of course this gets interrupted on days I have to be at Mum's early so I have to re-think a routine for those days and that's when it gets really hard.Less than 1 kg to dispose of from the evil flu gain I'm not going to change my ticker unless my WI at WW is up to morrow night. I didn't exercise yesterday .... frittered the day away reading Prior Fat Girl's blog, and others until too late. I thought about an evening walk but no way here without a head lamp as the nights are pretty dark with no street lights to speak of, and the ground is not always even. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Today is for sure.

So today's plans go a bit like this. Priority.... 5000 step walk, (that means I don't have to change my walking ticker either), TWJ going fishing with nephew and our SI son & his wife. It looks as though they will have a nice day. I had better do some laundry and housework before the dust bunnies push us out. Later I will maybe go to Mum's and catch up with the South Islanders who are staying with Jay & Os in the downstairs holiday flat until Sunday.

Food ... I think I will have another mainly protein day starting with a smoothie, cold roast beef & lettuce for lunch and maybe chicken & salad for dinner with cheese, boiled egg etc snacks.

I walked 8000 steps and am hoping I haven't over-done things as the plan is to walk daily until we leave. Ticker is now updated for this week. The fishermen had a good day so we had pan cooked schnapper for dinner. TWJ spoiled me by not only catching the fish but cooking it too. I really appreciate that because I do not like cooking fish although my version would possibly have been tastier. Stayed home today so will catch up with family tomorrow.

That should put me back into ketosis, if not I'll repeat similar tomorrow. I have all the ingredients now for Hanli's Sicilian Eggplant Caponata. I need to add in some protein so maybe feta or parmesan cheese will go well with it. Will make it one day this week. Feeling so off with a bad cold has left me with veges in the fridge which need to be eaten quick smart. I hate it when I stock up on healthy food and it sits there rotting while I pretend it's not there.

I am struggling to keep warm. A sign that I am losing weight. I don't feel so uncomfortable with this after reading a post by Jen... priorfatgirl. This was the first time I had come across any comment about this particular problem. Being cold like this would have contributed to my failure to continue losing weight over 18 months ago.

This deserves a post of its own so stop rambling now.
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