Thursday, 23 April 2009


I didn't dare write last night because I had to sift through the anger.

My WW weigh in was so disappointing. I had made many changes to the way I eat but not enough! I did not track properly. I did not exercise at all. At least I can't remember doing so. It was my first week back at work after a few weeks and months of pain.

Why was I angry? Because I'm not happy with WW program and have a terrible attitude toward it. Last night's subject was alcohol ... not an issue for me and if I had been on my own I would have walked out. But I was with Jay, she was my driver and I think she was a little bit taken aback by the terrible attitude that just ooozed out of me.

Nothing I've read in the WW material has inspired me or been an 'Aha' moment. That was disappointing. Obviously I was looking for a magic bullet to get me kick started. In fact I was in something akin to maintenance mode. Better than gaining but to show a loss of only 0.3 kg/0.65 lbs.

I had become jaded using the Lean For Life program which works so well for me. I seem to have learned so much from it. It is inspiring and thought provoking most of the time. I got out my work book this morning and Hey Presto there on the very first page I read was today's inspiration. I know it's not new but it got me thinking about my attitude to our current life-style, what with work, Mum's care, weight/health concerns, and preparing for a major holiday.


How can I turn my obstacles into opportunities?

Why am I going to WW if I dislike the program so much? I thought it would be a good idea to have an independent weigh in and I like the idea of doing something with Jay. I hope my attitude does not upset her and that we really can begin to encourage and support each other. She was very sweet, trying to encourage me that things don't always go according to plan at the beginning. I feel as though all the stuff there is like telling your grandmother to suck eggs. See how bad my attitude is. I feel as though I have an unteachable attitude at WW and I don't want to be like that.

Obstacle 1. Feeling yucky ... possible allergy, possible threatening cold, definitely scratchy throat and tummy a bit off.

Opportunity to just box on regardless. Toughen up girl and get some antihistamine.

Obstacle 2. Appointments with physio & chiropractor mean a little time pressure.

Opportunity to Plan, Plan, Plan.

Obstacle 3. At Mum's for part of day .... Lunch and snacks may be a challenge.

Opportunity to Plan and Prepare.

Obstacle 4. Working 4 - 8 pm means normal dinner time doesn't happen.

Opportunity to Plan and prepare my head. I can come home and have a cold roast beef sandwich or I can do better and have a late night Smoothie which is kind to my gut.

Obstacle 5. I didn't sleep at all well last night.

Opportunity to Plan a nanna nap in early afternoon. What I would do if I was really onto it is go for a short, say 20 minute walk, lie down with a book for an hour and then get my sorry body going again.
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