Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've had an OK day.

I went for a short walk then did some of my exercises. They seem to take so long I will have to divide them up some days.

Foodwise was not great. Ate bread and cake today but not HUGE amounts. Otherwise kept pretty well to plan.

Jay has been going to WW for 4 weeks and I have weakened and joined up tonight. I have my doubts about how well their program will work for me but I can modify it to suit me without too many problems. It's just that I find there is too much emphasis on grains. I just have to work around that. It's a sign of how desperate I feel about losing weight that I have joined WW. Maybe it will work for me on the social side. I found that I know a few people there and felt more comfortable with the group than last time I went. The good news was that I weighed pretty much on the WW scale as on my home scale. That is convenient and not so confusing.

I would have stayed home today but another long-time friend was coming to visit us. We had a lovely time together and enjoyed our lunch too. J & R went to UK last year to care for homes with pets while the owners were on holiday. They are going back again next month for another stint. We loved seeing their photos but were amazed that our cat loving friends had almost every animal except cats to care for. Of course the most popular animals were dogs. What a way to holiday. Stay in amazing homes in interesting places and get paid!

Plan for tomorrow.

Breakfast - Smoothie
Lunch - salad & lite tuna
Dinner - beef & salad
Snacks - fruit and protein

Exercise 2 x 20 minute walks. 30 minutes of stretches

Leave for Mum's somewhere between 8 and 9.30 am depending on the text message from Jay. That will probably influence my exercise plan.

11 am Chiropractor
noon Physio
4-8pm work

So it will be a complex day. Some things will change as the day progresses.

Right now I feel tired ... a healthy tired so I'm off to bed.


Cammy said...

Healthy tired is good! :)

I hope the WW experience works for you. The social aspect is one of the things that I think would be attractive for me. There's safety in numbers, as they say. :)

Mama Bear June said...

Yay for healthy tired. :-) You've got some great goals, so keep making healthy choices.
Path to Health

kate said...

hi there margieanne, great to see you back posting even though you have had a few hiccups (which is normal for any human being lol). im sure that you can adapt certain ww guidelines to suit your own way of doing things. hang in there. xo