Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We arrive in San Fransisco on June 15th and plan to spend a couple of days walking around and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. We never quite made it to the Golden Gate Park area last time.

We will then drive via the wine growing area, Sacramento & Chico to Redding where we plan to stay a few days and catch up with folk at Bethel Church.

From there we will take a few days to drive to Vancouver via Shasta and Yreka, California; Rosegurg, Springfield, Silver Falls City and Portland, Oregon; Spanaway and Bellingham, Washington; stopping somewhere near Vancouver, British Columbia. We want to have time to visit the Butchart Gardens and some friends in Victoria.

June 27th to July 11th - on board Star Princess

Our return trip to San Francisco will take us along the coastline. I'd like follow the route from Seattle around the Olympic National Park but it is a lot of driving. We only have 9 days for the return trip so might have to break our rule to drive less than 4 hours in any day if we are to make all the stops we want. One that I am not going to miss for anything is the Redwood forests in north California. I also want to stop off at Silver Falls for a good walk and I'm sure there will be other places too.

19th July about 4 pm return the rental car at San Francisco.

We don't want to over plan as there will be times when we want to take a break and look around .... spontaneous breaks, as something catches our interest.

I remember from our first big drive, 7 weeks, from Miami to Los Angelos, how we had to learn to allow for the huge distances and how muddled I often was when working out traveling times even though I tried to allow for a mile being double a kilometre. This time we will have our Tom Tom, GPS navigator so I can relax.

62 sleeps before we Fly.


theworldsdresser said...

Sounds like an amazing trip - you're going to have a blast!!

debbyweighsin said...

Margie, I came over to your blog because I really liked your comment on Lyn's blog (Escape from Obesity). And I find your blog so interesting! New Zealand--I love it because I am a spinner and they have fantastic sheep. And that you are 69 and willing to work on your weight-yay for you. It can be done. I consider it a true miracle that I have been able to lose 100 pounds starting at age 50. I am not finished yet, but still determinedly working on it. And I also am dealing with my aging parents and caring for them, and found your thoughts on your mom very poignant. And, love your cats. And your itinerary is fascinating--I noticed Bethel Chapel as one of your favorite places, then found your testimony farther down in your blog. I am a Christian too! When I saw where you would be going on your trip, I thought, I wonder if she is a quilter? (and sure enough I found your quilt in your archives!) Anyways, thought I would mention the Sisters (Oregon) outdoor quilt show--it is a fantastic experience, and if it worked into your schedule would sure be something you would enjoy. It is July 11.

I will be back to visit your blog again. Keep up the good work on your weight loss. Sounds like you are doing Weight Watchers. That's how I lost my weight. And although I no longer go, I did learn a LOT about how to eat differently, in addition to the support, encouragement, and accountability I found there.