Friday, 10 April 2009


Firstly I owe my readers and apology for my erratic appearances over the past few months. I have no excuse.

Lexie hogging the chair .... he's the male cat of course.
Lexie and Katie ... not lovers, just good friends.

I'm tired and fat and sore from a fall a few weeks ago. The fall is not an excuse but it has complicated life. Just when I thought I was getting back to normal strength with my shoulder/intrascapular muscles I slipped and hurt my back. Grrrrr!!!!!!!!

So more treatments, (more appointments to complicate life), with chiropractor and physio, off work completely, lots of pain. I am now recovering and was able to return to work yesterday, but still taking diclofenac. It seems as though I have been in constant pain for nearly 4 months but that's an exaggeration and my down mood speaking.

I recognise the symptoms of depression but at this stage have no desire to go back on medication. It's cold .... because it doesn't really get very cold here and only for a short period of the year we have poor heating. I'm going to have a hot bath soon - that will help.

A funny thing happened this morning. Beautiful, crisp, autumn morning with a hint of frost but I knew we had not had one. Then TWJ rushes in from taking out the rubbish and says, "Come and look! We had a really good frost last night." So I dutifully stick my head out on the south/cold side of the house and sure enough there are a couple of piles of white. I puzzled for a moment because they looked more like snow, then the penny dropped. There had been a hail storm sometime through the night. Enough hail to pile up and still be 10 inches or so deep in the shade. That is a little unusual here. No wonder I wanted to snuggle deeply into our bed and pull the duvet up high around me.

Cats love quilts. Katie is no exception but I did have to stop her tearing into the exposed batting.

I got out my butterfly quilt today. I'm slowly doing the quilting .... by hand. Stubborn me will finish it as planned. 100% by hand.
I've never quilted before and found stitching the pieces together addictive. Not so the quilting. It would be easier if the pens to mark the pattern worked better. Maybe I should go and find the local teacher, a lovely American woman, who seems to be quite an expert and get some advice. The big disappointment was that my back began to ache too soon and I had to abandon my work less than 1/4 way through what I would normally achieve in a couple of hours. It is about 6 years since I began .... a total novice, still am really. All I wanted was a hand-made quilt for our bed in the bus. Back then I thought we would be living in the bus full time for seven or so years. I guess we've lived in it a total of 15 months all up and not used it at all for nearly 2 years. Sometimes plans and dreams do not work out as expected.

Am I sad .... not as disappointed as TWJ. I discovered on our first 3 month trip away that I don't like being so far away from my friends. I am a community orientated person and being a rolling stone does not suit me at all. I enjoy other aspects of the lifestyle, seeing different places, catching up with friends, no housework, just buswork. It was lovely to be free of responsibilities but in the end responsibilities got in the way.

Mum keeps well and gets around the house with a walker, or zimmer frame. She is becoming more and more dependent on someone to get her meals and drinks throughout the day. When alone she often neglects to make herself a drink. I feel so tied down and am so looking forward to our month in USA. We are a little uneasy leaving Mum but one of my nieces and her husband, who live nearby, are going to stay for the 8 weeks Jay is away and that covers us too. We are going to re-assess what we are doing and how long we can do it. It's more of a tie than the commitment you have with children because unless the child has very special needs you can still lead your own life, do your own thing, with adjustments. Mum cannot be dragged around with us so it is either care for her in her own home or she has to go into an aged care home which she would hate. I'm prepared for another 12 months but what if this situation goes on longer? We have to begin to look after ourselves. I never thought I'd come to the place where giving Mum the care I want her to have would become a terrible burden. My weight is symptomatic of my inability to enjoy this phase my life. Jay is reaching the point where she is finding it a bit of a burden too so even though we share the responsibility it is getting to be too much for us.

Jay and her partner head for Turkey in 6 weeks. I still have 8 weeks to undo all the damage. Jay is going to WW and encouraging me to go. I'm still not so sure but I'm not doing any good the way I am. I'm not even doing the exercises the physio gives me. She is a lovely young woman and is thinking seriously about doing a type of 'Downsize Me' when we get back from our trip. She is training for the Rotorua marathon right now and would be a great motivator. It's thanks to one of her little pep talks that I've got out my quilt. I have so many UFOs and ideas in my head. It is absolutely time I got something completed.

I'm finishing with a couple of pics to brighten up the page.

TWJ took these sometime last month. This is the view from our kitchen and dining area looking over the hills and Castle Rock. We do have some very colourful sunsets but they are hard to catch on an ordinary camera as the light fades to quickly to get a good impression of the colours. I thought he did really well with these.

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