Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know we still have a few weeks to go before we arrive in San Fransisco but I'm looking for some feed back.

We are on a tight budget and constantly on the move except for the two weeks on the cruise ship. We don't want to carry food with us except for water, fruit and light snacks. We will be breakfasting, lunching and dining out for a total of about 20 days. I know that at some places we will share a single serving but not too often because TWJ & I like different food. He likes Abby's I like Olive Grove. I prefer European style, especially Italian without the pasta. I like good fresh salads ... not too much of the shredded lettuce but salads full of all kinds of veges and tasty bits.

I prefer low starch meals, TWJ will almost always choose the roasted or fried, saucy version. We don't like MacDonalds, we don't mind Subway, I discovered I love waffles ... smack my fingers!

We will be in Northern California, Oregon and Washington States. I'm budgeting for 2 special meals. Hopefully many of our lunches will be picnic style.

What are your favourite places, especially those that serve weight friendly meals?

We like small towns too so if you know any really cute places to visit that are not too far off I-5. I'm sure we will make our own discoveries but your input will be helpful. Our return drive from Vancouver via the coast will be awesome. If you have any 'must see' things to see and do please tell me.


debbyweighsin said...

Where to eat? Oh brother, I could write a book! Mimi's Cafe has a large menu, and some great salads. B.J.'s grill also has a varied menu and some great salads. Beware these places have tons of really great tempting non-diet foods. If I was you I would invest in one of those little lunch ice boxes, and a couple of blue ices, and then you could carry along yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, string cheese, etc. Trader Joe's is a great place to shop for groceries, and Whole Foods is fantastic too. Using the grocery can help with the budget too. If you like Mexican, Baja Fresh is really good, and very reasonable. Try their 'side by side' salad.

Its probably too far off your travel plan, but Sutter Creek is a charming small town. If you are traveling starting in S.F., you would come across 580 to !-5 and then keep coming east via 88 (that is a shortened version of the directions, I"m sure you will be doing a mapquest.) Anyways, this is the area of California known as 'the gold country.' Sutter Creek is on Hwy. 49, named for the 'Forty-niner's, who discovered gold. In fact, all along Hwy. 49 are charming towns full of California history. Of course I am prejudiced because this is my neck of the woods. If you decide to come this way, let me know, and if I am in town I will take you to lunch! I will be traveling a lot myself that month, so don't know.

Mama Bear June said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I lived in Monterey, CA for several months, but it was many, many years ago. Hope you find lots of great places.
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theworldsdresser said...

I have to second debby above - Whole Foods adn Trader Joe's are GREAT places for preprared AND prepackaged foods!

Bella said...

San Francisco is one of the best cities for eating healthy. You might try Yelp.com to read some reviews and check out pricing before you go.

dadivastreet said...

Trip sounds wonderful! I was in S.F. a few years ago, so I can't help with anything recent. I did find some nice places near the wharf. I'm sure you'll also find great places just by wandering.

Sunny Days said...

Well, as you read I was just in LA and struggling with food choices. I did find out that Jack-in-the-box has great grilled chicken strips and a side salad if you are looking for healthier fast food. I like Mucho Gusto for mexican....fresh & healthy. Olive Garden is always good but high on calories. Have fun and remember to snack on fruit or veggies in the car when you are hungry and drink lots of water! :)

Sunny Days said...

Oh, and Mimi's Cafe is wonderful too!

Sunny Days said...

There are wonderful places to visit in the Northwest all along I-5. Get a map or google places to visit in the areas you are going. Your coast trip back is going to be so beautiful and you will love those little towns along the way! Stop in and visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium it is beautiful. It is in Newport, Oregon right off the highway. Have fun and take lots of pictures!!