Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today went 80% to plan. I guess that's some kind of success.

We are staying at Mum's while Jay works out of town. We were here all last week too, only going home for the weekend. Mum hasn't been well. A combination of a chest infection and the hot summer days and nights. The temperatures are a little more comfortable for her now, especially as we have had rain and south easterly, cooling winds. She is thankfully, well again and bossing me around. I'm only just coping with her but getting better by the day now.

The muscle pain across my shoulders has put me off work again. I think I have a torn tendon or something. The physio & chiropractor are doing their best to get me back in shape. I have gentle exercises to do at home too but confess I haven't been doing them as often as I should.

Having the last week off work though has given me an opportunity to pull myself up and get back into the weight loss thing. I had gained a few pound and can gladly say they have fallen off. The best part is that I am gluten and caffeine free again. There is an almost immediate reward in that I become more energetic.

Today has gone like this..... and I didn't sleep all that well so the nap this afternoon was very refreshing.

Got up about 7.30am. Went upstairs and looked after Mum's breakfast. The cats were waiting to come down for their morning walk/play outside so put their harnesses on and we spent half an hour or so on the beach. Had my breakfast of yoghurt and strawberry & mango flavoured tea.

Went for a swim, the water is beginning to chill but still enjoyable. Followed up with at least 1/2 hour of exercises from the physio and some basic Pilates. Time to get Mum's lunch, salad and cold lamb. I boiled up some eggs and made her a fresh batch of salad dressing. Ate a couple for my lunch. I'm completely off soft egg yolks. Don't know why, but even an omelet makes me nauseous, so I ate mostly egg white. Did a few things for Mum before coming downstairs and fell asleep for over an hour. Woke up in time to go to bank and do some shopping for Mum. Put away groceries and prepared Mum's tea before coming downstairs to cook a piece of salmon which I ate with cooked fresh beans. After tea I jumped in the car and popped over the hill to get a few things from home, like my recipe books, clothes I needed but had left behind and some fresh leaves off the swan plant for a caterpillar Jay had left me.

Will go upstairs again soon and get things ready for Mum to go to bed as she will have finished watching Dancing With The Stars.

Why do I think such a day was not perfect? I didn't get in the beach walk as planned and I meant to visit some friends for an hour or so of catching up. They go home to Taranaki tomorrow so will have to wait until they come up again. Otherwise food and exercise and various chores completed.

Tomorrow I will take as it comes. Hopefully another swim but will give priority to a walk and I see both Physio & Chiropractor tomorrow. Then I should be back at work on Thursday. I certainly hope so as we need every dollar I can find.

Jay has paid for our return flight to San Fransisco and I need to pay her back as quickly as possible. We found that our cruise was one way so looked at spending a few days in Alaska before returning to Vancouver and driving back to S.F. But the more we looked we were alarmed by how much it would cost so were extremely relieved when the organiser for Catch The Wave told us we could have a back to back cruise for USD$100 + ship's taxes. Now we will have 14 days at sea for a little more than USD$2000 Considering that the NZ$ has sunk to less than half the US$ a whole week with no extra food and accommodation costs is very helpful.

Choosing to go on this cruise has been a bold and sometimes painful decision, some would say foolhardy but I refuse to be beaten by the world economic state and I know it is going to be worth every penny.

I want to lose a minimum of 1 kg per week until we leave. I've made a good start this week. I'm not going to let anything deter me, especially the tiredness that comes with my job.

My goal is to weigh less than 85kg on my birthday, June 15th which is also the day we fly out of Auckland and the day we arrive in San Francisco. I get to have my 70th birthday twice. How's that for clever planning. We are both so excited and having so much fun planning routes from S.F. to Vancouver and back again. Looking at which places we really want to stop at and checking out accommodation along the way. Reality is that these routes will only be a frame work and once on the road we will revise our plans as we go. We fly home on July 19th so it will be over all so quickly.


Cammy said...

I'm planning a "foolhardy tour" this year, too! LOL

Here's wishing you speedy healing with those shoulders so that you can truly enjoy your trip!

Hippygal said...

Wow that cruise sounds awesome and am sure you will have a fun time :-)

JC said...

Yea glad to see this post. You are so busy. Congrats on getting back on track. 80% correct eating and exercies; 80% of the time will get the job done or so I have been told. A cruise sounds wonderful and great motivation. Hope you heal soon so you can exercise and be fit for your journey.

dadivastreet said...

80% is a wonderful number! That cruise sounds wonderful, I just love them. Hope all is well with you & yours!