Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I left home earlier and was able to get Mum's breakfast before she thought she'd be starving all day. Then I took our lovely cats out and let them play while I had a swim in the sea. Wow! my second swim this week. I got ready to go shopping, gave Mum her lunch and spent way too much money.

We have a hot spring, The Lost Spring, www.thelostspring.co.nz. recently opened. Their focus is the luxury spa market and it does cost quite a lot but I knew Jay wanted a day ticket so I bought her a voucher so that she can take a friend. Since I was there and I hadn't had lunch I had to try out their restaurant. I had a 'liver cleanser' fresh juice, beetroot, carrot, apple & ginger .... very nice but I didn't taste the ginger, and the cheapest thing on menu... chicken san choy bau. It came in 4 square dishes not much bigger than thimbles, in each a small spoonful of very tasty chicken mix with a leaf of whitloof which I used like a spoon. It would be a nice starter but not very satisfying even as a snack. I guess I was paying for the ambience, large windows looking out onto a tropical garden with waterfalls and lovely pools. I also had a 'fashionably' lengthy wait for the the food. I enjoyed the treat even if tt was an extravagant thing to do, especially when we have booked a birthday lunch tomorrow at another restaurant.

I then decided to get our groceries, trying to cover most of what we will need in the next two weeks plus a few things for Mum. I was shocked by the total ..... twice what I would usually spend and there are still the top-ups and the things I have forgotten. I think I'll go into hibernation ..... if you aren't doing anything you can't spend money.

Sorry the focus is so much on finance at presence. I guess that is what is uppermost in my mind right now. I'm not afraid for how we are going but I do recognise we seem to hovering around danger zone, tending to slip toward extreme danger. I have a very relaxed attitude to money so it is not a bad thing that I look carefully at how I am managing.

I'm sure we'll go on this trip. Thanks for the encouraging comments Jaxx & Kate. I agree ....... it is worth all the bother, an opportunity not to be missed. I'm hoping for some kind of amazing deal to come along for our flights but if not we'll top-up our mortgage.

I am making an important lifestyle change. I've got an alarm clock beside my bed, set to go off at 6 am every morning and I do get up. It is one thing I can control regarding daily routines.
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