Sunday, 1 February 2009


This is for me. I need to work out my routine for tomorrow and it's the end of a great but long day and my brain isn't working too well and I can't be bothered finding pen & paper so right here as I sort of watch Numbers with TWJ I'm going to try and get some plan so that I can be prepared.

1. I need to leave home 7 am to spend the day with Mum.
2. I will be having a low carb day.
3. I will do my walking at Mum's
4. I need to have some idea of what we are gong to have for tea/dinner as we won't get home until after 8 pm.

Today, Sunday I decided would be a free day with no planned exercise. Makes it a lot easier when I travel 1 and half hours to go to church and catch up with friends.I started the day well .... got up 6 am. put stuff, (coco scalp to reduce itchiness and flakiness), in my hair & left it while I had a 1 hour soak in bath, where I ate my breakfast of gluten free muesli . Finished getting ready and left the house 8.15am. Picked up friend in Whitianga and arrived at Pauanui in time for cappuccino before church. Shared lunch after church and arrived home about 4 pm. Wanted to have a sleep but I think the coffee was fighting me. Finally got up and sorted out my caterpillars .... I'll explain later, and got our tea. If you're squeamish you may not want to read the next line. We had devilled kidneys with mashed spud & other veges. It's a favourite and we always forget how much we enjoy it. I guess this is the first time we've eaten this for ages so made it special.

There is washing to sort, I need clothes for tomorrow and I need to decide what to take with me for the day,.... minimum or everything except the kitchen sink.

Well I've written it down and I can't see the problem. I will be up at 6 am.

Before going to bed. Put on load of washing.

I'll be wearing capris and T-shirt, need a jersey and will take swimming bag although the forecast is for a not quite so good day. Won't need walking shoes, just jandals for the prickly grass. I'll be walking barefoot on the beach. I could take my laptop to do some catching up. I need a can of tuna, protein bar. Back-up to cooking dinner. I'll be eating with Mum so all I need to do is put TWJ's on a plate for him when he finishes work. He's been asked to do an extra shift tomorrow so that helps make up for my lost hours.

About caterpillars and Monarch Butterflies. I have a few swan plants or milk week or Asclepias fruticosa. They have been demolished once, in the early summer, because I left too many caterpillars on them. I think about 8 formed chrysalis and many more starved. Since then the sticks have regrown leaves and I have assiduously culled eggs most days. I did miss a few days a while ago and tried to feed the more mature caterpillars on pumpkin. I set up a large washing bowl with a wire rack in it and laid fresh slices of pumpkin each day which were duly munched up. Lost count of the number of caterpillars .... possibly 25 or more. I covered the bowl with another kitchen tool ... the large wire gauze splatter guard. Today it was clear that the caterpillars that had survived had formed chrysalis, (what's the plural), and the rest had perished and so it was time for the big clean up. After throwing out some obviously dead chrysalis we still have 18 or so healthy looking ones. We've seen at least 8 hatch from this batch and I've destroyed accidentally or otherwise about 10 and thrown out quite a few caterpillars that didn't survive on pumpkin. No wonder I lost count.

Most of my swan plants are totally naked so I'm destroying all eggs and even baby caterpillars in the hope that I can let another batch breed in a few weeks when the plants recover. Monarch butterflies are quite special here. Not only are they beautiful but we have very few butterflies in NZ.The most common is the white butterfly which has a green caterpillar responsible for eating holes in all out vegetables and making cabbage and broccoli hard to grow at this time of the year. It's a wonder we have any Monarchs because they are so picky about what they eat although many people do grow swan plants for them, you just have to hide them in the garden because they will always end up stripped naked. SO that's my caterpillar story.

Now for the washing and bed. TWJ is going to watch the yachting.I love it but too late for me.
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