Monday, February 2, 2009


Today was also our daughter Jay's birthday. I was Mum sitting while she worked in Coromandel today. Mum is still strong in many ways. I got her breakfast in bed as has become normal and when she felt up to it she had a bath did a small load of washing and spread it out over the deck furniture. I fell asleep and have been stuggling all day to do even the smallest things like opening and closing windows & getting lunch and drinks. I should have had a lovely dinner planned and prepared but when Jay got home she found me not much more lively than Mum. I felt so mean. Jay got frozen fish & chips and baked them for us all. She is so good. Not an easy day for her as her partner is not behaving well toward her and they are committing to a trip to his home in Turkey, with the fares due to be paid in two days time.

No walk, no catching up with more of my Google reader back-load, not even a decent sleep as I kept being disturbed.

I do something similar tomorrow but at least I can use the game plan devised last night and hopefully I will have a decent meal for Jay when she gets home.

Received some quotes from travel agent for our USA/Canada trip and I don't like them one bit. I think our return flight is going to be nearly $6000. Ouch. And we still have to rent a car and pay accommodation for the 3 weeks we are not on the cruise. We definitely cannot afford to do this. Do I pull out now or just add it to our mortgage? I still haven't told TWJ what I've been scheming ... I would have liked to present him with the tickets, all paid of course, but I can't hold out much longer.

But I will last a little longer, waiting until I am sure the time is right.

Food & drink today mostly according to plan but the baked crumbed fish & chips not the best. Will do better tomorrow.


Hippygal said...

Hey if you can afford it add it to the mortgage life can be taken away from us so easy...... take care

kate said...

hey margie i dont like giving financial advice to people but all i can say is to work out the pros and cons of the trip. no offence to you sweetie but when are you going to get the chance to do this trip again? its a once in a lifetime trip for ANYBODY. if you dont do it now then you will never do it. mwah xoxo