Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I wrote some pretty positive words in my last post, nearly 2 weeks ago. Action to follow up did not happen.

It hasn't been easy to make the changes I need to make. The work the chiropractor has done is helping me a bit, but not enough. I have a friend who is a physiotherapist. I've made an appointment with her to compliment the chiro. I'm hoping she will become a bit of a personal trainer as she is holistic in her approach.

At last I've been able to make some dietary changes over the last few days. I have been a bit drastic. No coffee. I'm not going to guarantee coffee is off the menu permanently but I'd like to think it is going to be nothing more than a once a week treat. If that is not satisfying I will be better off banishing it again.

A while ago I bought gluten free muesli for breakfast. I eat this with plain thick yoghurt for breakfast. I will probably revert to my protein shakes but I'm enjoying the change at present. Yesterday I had fruit for lunch, mostly watermelon and last night had fresh sweetcorn for tea. Today I had an apple & small banana in the middle of the day and the only other food has been watermelon. It's one way of giving my body a chance to recover from weeks of over-eating carbs.

I needed to find a time when I had enough days to make some changes between work days. I work 4 hour shifts on Thurs & Fri. & 7 hour shift on Sat. I'm pretty tired on Sunday, worse on Monday if I go to my favourite Church or am needed at Mum's but this week fell into line. TWJ works tomorrow afternoon but I can stay home and take the next step in my strategy to get back into losing seriously weight.

I am beginning the Lean For Life Program with a protein day tomorrow. I will follow the program to the best of my ability, It guarantees me 1kg and more every week if I follow the program. I know I'll feel better and want to be more energetic.

Today I went for a walk on the beach. I love walking on the firm sand with a light breeze and enough cloud to keep me from frying. Why did I get out of the habit? I know it's not easy when I feel so weary/tired/lazy. I'm just going to have to learn to ignore how I feel and make an appointment with myself to walk at a fixed time then gear my breakfast and first drink of the day and shower etc. to that. I think I've been doing it the other way around and it doesn't work. I get up more or less when I feel like it, except on days when we have to be at Mum's or keep other morning. appointments.

OK. Thinking out loud .... The earliest we have to be out of the house is 7.45 am. I need at least 1 hour for breakfast & shower ..... sure I can be quicker but I hate being rushed in the morning. That means getting up at 6 am to be organised. Half an hour to have a drink and get my body going. Then I can walk 6.30 - 7 am and longer if the day ahead allows me. I will need to go to bed a a regular time and sleep. That's a good reason to eliminate coffee.

TWJ found another box of chocolates. I had some last week and was hoping they had disappeared for ever but no such luck. He's just put the half full box under my nose. Thank-goodness I am strong enough to say no tonight.

Temperatures have dropped ... it's cool enough to put on a jersey. I just hope it isn't raining in the morning as I make a determined effort to begin a daily morning walk.


JC said...

So glad your back. I'm still on the getting healthy journey. It has gotten much easier to say no to unhealthy food. I've learned to ask server's in restaurant's "What do you have that is healthy". Each one I have asked have been very helpful. I've lost more than ever this time so I think I've made permanent changes. If I can, so can you.

kate said...

walking on the sand is excellent exercise margie you should make the most of it and any spare time you do have (which doesnt look like a lot at the moment) try and get out there for a walk :) good on you for refusing the choccies.