Thursday, 4 September 2008


When I'm getting things right and losing weight for the good of my health, I use a book called Lean For Life by Cynthia Stamper Graff, based on over 30 years of work by the Lindora Clinic. The program is similar to South Beach but I think it is less restrictive. The workbook I have also helps me to deal with various other aspects of my life so there is a wholeness totally compatible with Christianity. I didn't want the bother of a program as such but this one works for me. My health is never so good as when I'm following LFL. The pain goes, I become healthier & fitter. I have stomach problems possibly from gluten/wheat intolerance. Last year I stayed on the program 6 months straight and my gut healed. Sadly I've undone that with a few months of very careless eating. I have so much pain right now, in my muscles, my gut, even my joints that I'm being driven by the pain, back to what works.

I don't want to sound like an advertisement but it's worth checking out Lindora Clinic and the books by Cynthia Stamper Graff. If I lived near a clinic, i.e. within a couple of hundred miles, I would definitely have visited. It's a bit far from NZ but the book is pretty good. I got mine through an Amway group on the recommendation of my sons. There is more information at www.myhealthepointe.com

Since I am now paying the price for getting slack I am slowly getting myself ready to follow the program again. It's healthy & it works. I'm not finding it as easy as the first few times to simply jump in and do it. I've been weaning myself off foods that are bad for me and gradually adjusting my eating habits and my pantry so that they are compatible with the program.

I can do the program in my sleep ... she says! It doesn't feel like a weight loss thing anymore but I like the "yes" when I read my ketostix & I'm in the pink. I like feeling the bones in my feet because there is no excess swelling. I like the lack of foggy brain. I like the feeling of being able to do anything and once the initial first few weeks are over I feel great. My moods are better, I have more energy to be kind and friendly. I like living with myself. With all that I have to wonder why I slip up and gradually go back to eating all the things that make me sick.

It is very simple. I love the taste of food. I like baking, I like chocolate, I love bread, I like lots of butter on my bread, I like jams, jellies, pickles and relish. The only thing I'm not fond of is fish, (but I can enjoy a salad with a small can of lite tuna), and I've never liked eating much fried food. I have to be disciplined and keep to the fresh foods that do my health good and taste great too then I can forget about the stuff that damages my health no matter how good it tastes. A lot of people, and WW, advocate a little of what you like is OK so that you never feel deprived. I find that it is impossible to stop at 'a little' so it's best not to try that way I forget what I'm missing. Maybe one day I will be safe tasting some of the foods I'm abandoning right now, but maybe it will never be safe. It's a hard thought .... I may never drink my favourite cappuccino again, I may never eat wholegrain bread again. I've heard how others have to say goodbye and even grieve some foods and thought, 'how bizarre!' Well it's my turn and it doesn't feel good but I know I will glad in another day or two.
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