Saturday, 13 September 2008


A magnificent and beautiful piece of engineering from architect Santiago Calatrava. The unique glass swing bridge over the Sacramento River which intrigues and brings people from all over the world to view and study the engineering of. Sundial Bridge, Turtle Park, Redding, California. see more http://www.visitredding.com/sundial.cfm

On August 24th Lynn from http://blubberyblogger.blogspot.com/ wrote a post titled Obsession 101. I quote from the final paragraph. It has me thinking.

"It is so clear, even when I am tempted to fall back into my old behaviors, that my obsessions are healthy obsessions now. I would much rather worry about what I am going to eat and making sure it is low in calories and healthy than having to worry about all the things I used to worry about. I would much rather obsess about something that will yield a healthy result, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."

I have spent more than sixty years practicing denial in one form or another so when someone posts something that makes me aware ...... I think!

During every attempt to lose weight I have at some stage become afraid of being out of balance i.e. losing weight has taken over my life. It has become priority no 1. Everything I do is run past a check to see if it is still compatible with losing weight. My 'all or nothing' nature clicks in. I begin to be afraid that I have stopped living a 'real life,' for the sake of losing a few kilograms. I begin to wonder if working so hard to lose weight is worth the effort I am putting in. I begin to wonder if it is damaging our life.

Is it obsessive to spend so much time reading other people's Blogs? .... Yes, but I am inspired and encouraged, uplifted and educated.

Is it obsessive to turn to my tracker and record my weight on a daily graph? Is it obsessive to also keep an on-line tracker and 2 blogs, (my other one is at http://www.slimmingforlife.com.au/ ...... Yes, but if that's what it takes to keep me enthused I will continue.

Is it obsessive to plan ahead so that I know there is a suitable snack available? Probably seems so to some people, but planning is a major key to successful results.

Is it obsessive to eat something every two & a half to three hours even when others, especially TWJ, think you shouldn't need to? Yes! but I need to do everything I can to stop blood sugar surges and cravings.

I have developed some problems around food. I need to teach my body to accept healthy levels of food and drink on a consistent basis. Others may think this is not hard, not important or even unnecessary. I know TWJ does not understand why food has this awful power over me. But I am learning some of the whys and therefores and each time I learn something and put the knowledge to good use I am building goodness into my life.

My obsessions with weight loss are more likely to lead me into improved health, a better lifestyle and increased joyfulness. I am no longer afraid in a paranoid way of obsessing because living healthy will become more natural as time goes on. I have been on the weight loss/health kick merry-go-round for too many years. This time I plan to keep my focus on losing weight and increasing fitness levels until I am satisfied I have changed into a healthy thinking and doing person.

"I would much rather obsess about something that will yield a healthy result, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."

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