Tuesday, September 2, 2008


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That's how I felt when I weighed myself for the beginning of September. You may recall that I have dispensed with weighing almost completely and going with the fit of my clothes but that does allow me to cheat on myself a little bit so thought I would record at the start of each month. I am using my 1st set of bathroom scales which I leave at Mum's house because that's where we are this week and the digital ones I have at home are unreliable.

September 1st 2008 97 kg. (213.9 lb)

June 13th 2008 89.8 kg (195.8 lb)

I did say somewhere I needed to lose 10 kg (22 lb) to be close to my lowest weight of 87kg (191 lb) in the last 10 years.

I'm still struggling with the coffee and wheat/gluten thing. I have known for years that these things don't do me much good but facing up to eliminating them permanently is sooooo hard. I am so reluctant. I cannot bear the thought of never drinking coffee again so maybe I will always allow the occassional treat but for now I must get it out of my system. I was doing quite well last week until I found I needed a caffeine boost to keep me going at work. That can't be healthy. I had a cappuccino sometime yesterday because I felt so jaded but am getting through today without. It's going to be hard to ignore all the sachets I have stocked up on. I thought I might allow myself coffee once a day but that's not safe. Maybe I can treat myself once a week This week I've been eating spelt grain bread, it has gluten but supposedly in a form some people can tolerate. I'm not sure that it is safe for me so when it's gone that's goodbye to gluten. My body will love me.

Question - Finally Getting Fit's Monday Mailbag ... How have your friends, family and fellow weight loss/fitness bloggers helped you?

Friends not much .... I don't tell many what I'm doing and I don't see my best friends often enough.

Family not much .... they mean to be supportive but I find I need more emotional strength than I have to cope with their well meaning support. Best to keep this very low key around family. My best family support is in the South Island ... so not that useful.

Weight-loss/fitness Bloggers are my main source of support. Blogging helps me a lot. If I'm not writing, (and reading), regularly I can guarantee I'm not losing weight or getting fitter. Comments encourage me and what I read in a Blog can have a profound effect. I love people who are candid about their difficulties and how they have overcome them. Discovering a whole new world of gluten free people with all the recipes etc helps a lot. The odd challenge from another blogger has helped me get on track. (Thanks Skinny Inside). Is it pathetic to depend on cyber friends? I don't care, it works. Also I have found so many talented and clever writers. I'm discovering a wonderful richness in this Blogging world that is absent in my real life at present. That's not as sad as it sounds because I live in a small community and am just a little isolated from intellectual stimulation. I guess it's a little like being a busy Stay-At-Home-Mum.

I need to put meat on for dinner. Roast beef & veges. We still eat a lot of red meat served with vegetables. Can't live without our veges and Mum has potatoes with every meal, usually mashed. Fruit is always available. I guess we have fairly simple meals.

Today for breakfast I had Greek yoghurt flavoured with passionfruit & peach. Our yoghurt is very different to anything I found in USA. I guess we are more European in style. I also had a slice of toast, (spelt grain), with butter & homemade, slightly bitter, marmalade.

Lunch was homemade soup made with a thick slice meaty shin bone, carrots, swede, celery, onion & a big handful of mesculin salad leaves. The veges were pureed because the mesculin leaves didn't quite work. Normally I would have nearly clear liquid with diced veges seasoned to taste. I also had 2 slices of toast with butter & marmalade.

I will have a couple of golden kiwifruit for a snack soon and then for dinner/tea ... whatever you want to call it, there will be roasted Topside of beef with roasted onion, carrot, potato, kumera, (a sweet potato), and pumpkin all served with greens from a pkt of mixed frozen ... possibly broccoli, peas & beans. The roasting veges will be cut into approximately 2" or 4cm pieces, tossed in a spoonful or so of olive oil, herbs and spices and baked. The frozen veges will be ;ightly cooked in the microwave. Most people would make gravy from the pan juices, sometimes I do but I don't care for thickened gravy. We don't eat dessert although TWJ often has icecream for supper.

As an aside. At this moment TWJ is watching Myth Busters on Sky TV, Mum could be dozing but is watching UK channel, Os is watching a WW2 movie and I am here.

Or I was. Hope you enjoyed reading this mixture of this and that.


Skinny Inside said...

Hi MargieAnne...have you tried switching to decaf? Or maybe mixing 1/2 caff and 1/2 decaff for a while to wean yourself? I;m the same way with my support network. I'm fairly hush hush about it with friends (they're so far away!) and family. My hubby knows I'm working on it, but he often sabotages me. Bloggers are my main source of support too.

(((hugs))) we can do this! Let's be 100% until Christmas--then we can buy a new outfit:-))

MargieAnne said...

Thanks for comment on my blog. I've thought about decaf but somehow it doesn't seem the same ... especially as I often use coffee to give me a boost up. You know I wouldn't need that boost if I kept off bread & other gluten products:)

I really think I've got to make a better effort and do LFL properly. I could be down 15 - 20 kg (22 - 44 lbs) by Christmas/New Year if I'm 100%.

kimmy said...

hey sweetie congrat on the weight loss in retrospect your doing so well
sml changes with the coffe i found f i put the decaf in a reg jar it plays with my mind!!!

just 1 more thing i didnt mean to saound rude on the comment about TWJ and his choice with religion
what i meant was that i haad never thought how Matt (DH) felt with my choices and it really put it in perspective for me he always says he'll meet me at the pearly gates but if i dont believe in god how could we meet in the same place??

i def wasnt a shot at you but a mind opener for me so thank you

Honi said...

Hi MargieAnne,
I to derive much support from my blog buddies it helps... since losing mom I have been struggling.. I am going to see the doc for a physical on Friday and thursday nite I see the nutritionist and sign back up for Healthy Weight for everybody .. again I did great with it last year so I am doing it again this year.. hopefully with more great results.. at least it will make me feel as if i have control over one aspect of my life I hope..
Be well!

kikimonster said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with finding support online... isn't that why we're all here and blogging? I think it's easier to turn to people who you don't know but are still going through the same things as you because they aren't going to be fed up with constant chatter of weight-loss issues, like our family or IRL friends.

Anne said...

Like you, blogging is my one big support. Family and friends don't have the same weight loss issues, thoughts so it's hard for them to be supportive.

Diana's Body Journey said...

Hi. I would try 1/2 and 1/2.

I don't like to talk with other people about any of it (well, face to face friends anyway!). I just don't want all the questions, and them thinking I'm on a "diet", which I'm not.

100% till Xmas. Sounds reasonable! I think it's a challenge :) I'm up for it now.

kimmy said...

oh sweetie i didnt take it as a negitive comment from you i thought it was the other way around hehe
yeah i cant get onto SFL either nor can i read annes blog i hope she is ok i havent seen her for ages some posts had been deleted as well??
www.mummiesonline.net/loss is a new site my mummies group have started its only new and only a few peeps like SFL if you want o check that out in the mean time

Susie said...

Hi- I am sorry you are struggling with the coffee and the gluten..if that's a word. We have a few people in our family that have "celiac desease" and follow a strict gluten free diet. I am amazed by how they get by and how limited their diet appears..however..the alternative for them is worse..so they stay strong and follow it. It's a really healthy way of eating too. I wish I had the control to eliminate all that CRAP from my diet. You will do it in baby steps and I hope you will feel better. Good luck. You have my support! At least the manufacturers are more and more aware of the problem and are coming out with so many more GF products! I hope you like some.

JM said...

I went with the South Beach diet to kick my bread/carbs addiction. It worked pretty well. Now I alternate between 1 grain meal day and 2 grain meal day. (Eg. Every other day is a one grain meal day.) It works surprisingly well.

As for coffee, how many do you drink per day? Maybe you could cut it to strictly X number of cups for a month, then knock it down to x number of cups for the next month, etc.

JM @ FinallyGettingFit.com