Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The last week has been demanding and I am not always sleeping well. It was good to not have to go anywhere today. I would have liked another full day but we work tomorrow afternoon.

I know I'm drinking too much coffee and I have been eating far too much food with gluten in it. I meant to be sensible today and go gluten-free but had no will to follow through. I know I must because I'm beginning to suffer from the stomach upsets which gradually get worse as I continue to eat badly.

Goal for tomorrow is to go gluten-free and no coffee after 3.30 pm.

It's great to have Lady Laptop back but it has taken ages to set up favourite programs and passwords etc. I still have a few programmes to install including the one that lets me put photos from our camera in.

We had more rain today. It seems to have rained almost everyday for the last 4 months. I'm completely over winter! We like to dry our laundry outside, it has been very difficult this year and as we don't have a dryer here there always seems to be something hanging from the curtain rails in the spare room as well as draped over the airing-rack. Doesn't look good but it works.

We are enjoying watching the Olympics. Tonight will watch our N.Z. swimmer Moss Burmester come up against Michael Phelps. Isn't he great! Wow these athletes have marvelous bodies.

I need to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight so ....... until tomorrow .....


Lynn said...

Sounds good!

Good luck with the caffiene, I know it's a major stumbling block for me, too.

dadivastreet said...

How wonderful to see you back out here! You've been missed! Get back on track and banish those tummy problems! Post pix of the kitties when you can. Moss Burmester and Michael Phelps both ROCK! Wish I was that fit! Have a great week!

Cammy said...

I'm enjoying the Olympic events I've seen so far. My favorites are the athletes who have NO chance of winning and still compete. :)

Hope you get some rest soon! That will help with the willpower.

JC said...

Maybe you will get some rest soon. I just came over from another site but I don't remember which one. Sorry. I love meeting people from other countries and reading their blogs. Glad to meet you, I'll come visit again. Feel free to pop over to see me anytime.

I to am trying to get healthier by losing so weight. Grace and blessings to you.

Hippygal said...

Know what you mean about the rain it has to stop at some stage well hope so anyway lol. Have a great day :-)

Skinny Inside said...

Hi MargieAnne, I'm happy to see you're getting back on track! Good luck with the caffeine...that's not something I'm ready to ditch, yet. Sugar is O-U-T, though! What type of challenge did you have in mind?:-)

Chris H said...

I know all about how much it rains up there on the Coromandel ! Stew and I lived in Whitianga for a while, and it's been my holiday home for almost 40 years!!!! When it rains up there it just never stops! I hate winter in Whiti... full stop, end of story! My commiserations!

kate said...

i love watching the swimmers bodies too margie hehe. ditto to being over winter too!