Monday, 18 August 2008


Sorry about the repitition for those of you who have already read this at SFL.

I have observed that the majority of people involved in losing weight have periods of success and periods when all the good work is undone. Very few consistently lose weight until they reach goal. I know there are WW Of The Year and the people who get lots of attention on Biggest Loser but that is not most of us. One of the reasons for this is that we are vulnerable to things that sabotage our best efforts It has little to do with self discipline and a lot to do with how we process life and it's various events and seasons. While there is a commonality about most weight-loss journeys there is also an extremely individual content. No-one walks the exact same walk.

Most of us didn't get overweight or obese or even morbidly obese just from eating. Eating to gain weight was a symptom of a lot of other things. If I had the answer I'd be a millionaire ... like Dr. Phil, but even he does not have the answer for everyone. He just teaches people how to apply certain principles so they can hopefully deal with their symptoms.

I don't think we give ourselves enough time to recover from 'stuff.' It's as though we think we are bullet proof and even the most major disruptions, such as death of a close family member should be taken in our stride and life carry on as though nothing has changed.

I know that certain events/situations have acted against me, just like an enemy who creeps up from behind to deal a death blow. Nothing has killed me but I've been severely wounded and it takes time to heal.

What brought this on? Recently I met a woman who decided to have a mastectomy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It seems as though she decided that if it was cut out it would be a clean break. She would heal quickly and be back at work in 2 weeks. Well it hasn't worked out like that and it's my belief that she is in denial about the traumatic effect such a major event is having on herself and her husband. Had she accepted that this was going to be a big thing in their lives maybe she would have planned differently and would not have some of the complications which are delaying her healing. The thing that concerned me most was that she thought she could have fairly serious surgery, full anaesthetia and have no after effects. Within a week she was driving 2 1/2 hours over from our hilly area to the city and wondering why the wound wasn't healing as fast as she expected.

I understand about this because about 10 years ago I too tried to return to work too soon after surgery. I failed miserably and took 6 months to get back my normal get-up-and-go. Not everyone is going to take so long but we must learn to be kind enough to our-selves to allow complete healing otherwise we are replacing one problem with another.

Hers is a story of physical wounding and healing. Weight Loss tends to be a story of dealing with emotional and spiritual events, but the healing is similar. We need to acknowledge our need to heal and give ourselves time. Losing the plot is not a failure but a symptom of an unhealed mind and spirit.

I don't think we need to be continually searching our inner-selves but I do believe we need to be kind to ourselves and recognise when we need time to heal.

On another note, Kate has asked me to write something about the time when we had a BackPacker Hostel. It was a special time for me in many ways so I plan to do a post on it tomorrow. Thanks Kate for all your comments, did my heart good to read them. It's so nice to have you encouraging me.

I'm still gluten free and today I had my last coffee sometime this morning. From today I will not drink coffee after mid-day and I have begun walking again. My goal is to take part in the Whangamata Fun Run/Walk Festival, 10.2 km or 5.7 km on September 13th. I have less than 3 weeks to prepare and registration is Sept. 10th so I have time to work out which one I'm fit enough for.

My prayer/bible time went well in the early hours this morning but it is heading for 1 am now so maybe I will sleep until morning tonight. TWJ went to bed early so I've had a DVD of our favourite Gospel Group, Legacy Five, playing. That might have to suffice until tomorrow.

G'night all.
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