Sunday, August 31, 2008

NEW DAY .... NEW INFORMATION ...... possibly boring medical stuff

Maybe not new information but putting it together in a new way.

Oh! I did get over the blue mood. Life is fine again.

I have had some fairly severe symptoms of acid reflux in the last few weeks. This was a little scary as they included a very sore throat and dry cough from acid burn and an incident of food not entering the stomach, but regurgitating when swallowed. I recognised what was happening because about 12 years ago my family Dr. sent me to a surgeon and I ended up having laparoscopic toupet fundoplication or in other words surgery to tighten the valve between stomach and oesophagus. This time I went to the internet for information. I followed an interesting sequence of sites which I doubt I can ever replicate having no great skill as a web surfer. I came up with a thin, fragile thread of information linking gluten intolerance with gall bladder disease, with duodenal ulcers, with stomach problems including reflux, not to mention fatigue, skin disorders, especially psoriasis and behaviour problems, (2 of my sons were hyperactive).

You would need to have my family history or wonder at the direction I went. My daughter, a niece and myself had our gall bladders removed around age 20 when none of us were over weight. We all have eaten reasonably healthy diets. I discovered that gluten intolerance can be caused by a specific gene. Gluten intolerance can be silent in the sense that there are no clear symptoms except the ones where your Dr. wants to label you a nutter or a hypochondriac. Two of our sons have been on low carb diets for a long enough period to become different people, pity they didn't stay with it. When I told Jay this morning about this fragile thread that would probably only make sense to us, she told me she had acid reflux when a young child but never knew how to tell me. I was a very old fashioned mother regarding food. We had simple meals, almost nothing fried food and lots of veges and fruit. I have always had an interest in healthy nutrition and leaned toward organic whole foods. My niece, who was here for the Scallop Festival, has a similar history. It is such a coincidence that we were all in the same place when I had just discovered this information.

Information is no use unless you do something with it.

Do I believe the results of some weird leads on the internet? Things fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle, especially when I searched the pyloric sphincter and bile. All those years ago the surgeon told me there was bile leaking into my stomach causing it to be inflamed. I got the impression he expected me to need another surgery but this one would be more invasive than the first. I am not willing to have further surgery if there is another way. Hence the research and finding pieces fitting together, making a picture. That was when I began to think Yikes! There really is a link between all these things.

So yes, I think the truth is emerging. Knowledge that could revolutionise our lives and the changes can be made without any further medical input because they are simple and safe. But these will need to be permanent changes to our diet, reducing carbohydrates, especially wheat and gluten.

I can only advise the others of what I have learned. I have to make the changes for myself. I already knew that but now I have information that makes it even more imperative that I make those changes.

I am excited on one hand and thoroughly brassed off on he other because I have proved to myself again that I have no choice if I want to be healthy. Isn't that the name of the game. To be healthy first ... weight loss will follow because it is part and parcel of being healthy.

It's already tomorrow so I had better settle down and switch off.

Blessings to you all. Thinking and praying for all affected by Gustav.


kate said...

hi margie anne isnt it interesting what you can find out in relation to your symptoms. i self diagnosed that i had polycystic ovarian syndrome and then went to see the dr to have it confirmed. i was right. i guess the important thing for you is to watch what you are eating in terms of gluten and see if that makes a difference.i didnt know that it was linked to a gene which is interesting as both my mother and i get bad symptoms from breads and as a baby i was always 'chucky'. i think to a certain degree everyone has an intolerance to SOMETHING but its just a matter of working out what it is !!

Diana's Body Journey said...

It's so sad to me that these things sometimes need to be diagnosed by ourselves. I know the internet can have some bad information, but it has so much that's good and helpful. I definately like the information at our fingertips though so that we can take our health into our own hands! I'm glad you're starting to piece things together.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm usually ok with the events that have happend, but when a new one pops up for a few days I feel like sitting on the floor and crying like a 4 year old in a tantrum. Life goes on though, and the important thing is to appreciate the people you have when you are lucky enough to have them!

dadivastreet said...

Knowledge is the key to so many things. Glad that you know what you have to do for a healthier you! Blessing back at you!