Sunday, 10 August 2008


I'm starting with this little questionaire from SFL, an Australian support group I have belonged to for years. I'll be back tomorrow and begin to catch up with my Reader List. Thanks for not giving up on me.

1. what has been your heaviest weight? I think it is about 115kg. I'm not likely to weigh when out of control so I usually weigh a few days after eating sensibly & by then I've lost a lot of fluid weight.

2. what is your ultimate goal weight? Somewhere between 56 and 63 kg. I have no idea what is going to look right. The big factor is getting into my wedding dress.

3. what is your dream outfit to wear? A really glamorous evening gown in silky, slinky white ... Hollywood style but it must be elegant. ...... Oh, and just a few diamonds, ..... nothing ostentatious or tacky.

4. what is your weakness when it comes to food? Vogel bread, lots of butter, toast, marmalade, Whitaker's chocolate almond slabs, Nestle Cafe Style Cappucinos with sugar, (must be coffee crystals), pavlova, cake, nougat, Rocky Road .....want more?

5. what is your weakness when it comes to exercise? Starting again after a break.

6. what is your favourite healthy meal? 3 course meal in a good restaurant. ..... Whoops it was meant to be healthy. OK. Home roasted, lean beef with many vegetable salad, dressed with Paul Newman light honey & mustard dressing, followed with fresh pineapple or pacific rose apple.

7. what is your favourite healthy snack? Currently it is cottage cheese with celery.

8. what is your favourite form of exercise? I think it is going to the gym but walking is a better option for me.

9. what is your reason for losing weight?

1. To optimise my health.
2. So I can look as good as possible clothed or naked and especially in a swimsuit.
3. So I can get into my wedding dress.
4. To prove I can do it.

10. what would you say to someone who is struggling with their weight too?

1. There are no easy answers.
2. Success is always possible.
3. You need to know why you want to lose weight.
4. You need a strategy.
5. Failure is a reason to try again and something to learn from.
6. There will be some difficult times ..... don't let them destroy your dream and your goals.
7. Support is more precious than gold.
8. There will always be some negatives in life. Learning to be yourself is the best way to prevent them having power over you.
9. Don't be afraid to ban 'trigger' foods.
10 Be wary of 'treats,' they can sabotage you before you have time to turn around.
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