Monday, June 23, 2008


Good memories and some beauty go a long way. I need to love me. The Bellingrath Gardens near Mobile Alabama, Spring, 2005.
I need a new head. When things get a bit hectic I go into 'survival mode.' But it's not healthy and long term could be called 'killer mode.' Why do I let my head do this to me?

I stop tracking. I head for the coffee and that means cappuccinos with lots of sugar ... for energy you understand.... If you don't not to worry, nor do I! The next thing is bread with lots of butter and filling. After that my brain is dead and anything goes.

It all began on Friday night at 10.30 pm when I came home satisfied but tired, hungry and wired so I ate a pile of egg sandwiches. I had to survive my 4 hour shifts at work Sat & Sun evenings. Today I'm trying to pull back and undo the damage but there is only one way. Cold Turkey. How many times a month do I have to do this? When will I get through the demanding days without resorting to 'Survival Food' that kills my plans?

I guess the good thing is that it is less than 3 days but why do I let it happen at all? Is eating healthy food all the time really that hard? It should be so easy since my body loves me when I eat right. I need a new head. The damage is done in my head.

First I think ..... I'm tired,
I've been good all day. this won't do any harm, just once.
This food needs to be eaten by ME!
I need to relax
I'm hungry, (sometimes true)
I can eat this and be back on program tomorrow
Hard week/busy days coming, I need energy now!

There are probably a hundred million more excuses hidden in my Stupid Brain. The Brain that will not accept that anything with wheat or gluten doesn't like my body and does mean things. The Brain that will not accept that my body loves the LFL style of food. The Brain that hates me for taking coffee and added sugar away from it. The Brain that wants to sit about instead of getting up and moving.

Now I do have another Brain. The sensible, healthy Wise Brain that knows what is best. But do I listen to it? Certainly not nearly as often as I should.

10 am Monday. Wise Brain says ......

I am going Cold Turkey for 24 hours.

No coffee, No sugar. No bread. No cakes or biscuits/cookies.

Today I will eat protein foods, fruit & veges. I will spread 3 meals and 2-3 snacks over the next 10 hours. I will go to the gym. I will do some housework. I will be healthy today.

Already I can hear Stupid Brain saying, "Oh Yeah!" but I'm not listening.

I'm off to obey Wise Brain. Wish me well.


Hippygal said...

LOL I can so relate to the two brains...... not just in my food either. Good luck for the next 24 hours :-)

Cammy said...

MargieAnne, have you considered doing a "step-down" approach, rather than the "cold turkey"? Today I will have no cake/biscuits. The next day I will eliminate bread. And so on. That helped me out a lot. Not having to do everything at once.

Be strong!

Anne said...

I find I have the two brain thing going as well from time to time. One telling me to stay warm in front of the fire - the other telling me to get out and go to the pool.

Good luck with the cold turkey:-)

kate said...

how did you go going cold turkey margieanne? they say the first day is always the hardest. hope you got through it ok. i can relate about being tired and thats when old habits shine through unfortunately. the thing is is that if we were healthier then we probably wouldnt be as tired as we are. the hard part is getting healthy! LOL. xo

dadivastreet said...

There you go, don't listen! Wishing you well! Also wishing you a Wise & wonderful week!

Simplymoi said...

I can well identify with the voices in your head...they are in mine as well. More so lately though, the not so wise voice is winning...but sometimes the smart one is too.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm trying to ride it out until it goes past and I can get back on track again, but it's proving difficult...but I can do it.

Tracy (No Holes Barred)

Karen said...

I really understand where you are coming from. I've been in a bit of a slump for a few weeks now. I need to get back on the horse, start tracking, making sure there is pleny of fruit and veges available and throw out all the trigger foods. I need to also get in touch with what is causing me to comfort eat and get a handle on it..

However, it is really hard