Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thanks for all the kind and encouraging comments to my last post.

Guess what? I can't remember how I did going Cold Turkey on Monday. Not too badly probably and I did go to the gym and have a good session there.

Tuesday afternoon we went to Auckland but not before I had been to check out the house at Matarangi, do laundry while I gave my hair the treatment, which only relieves. Ugh! How I dislike having an itchy-flakey scalp.

We arrived in Auckland at peak rush-hour & TWJ did well finding the address of the cat breeder at Remuera. We agreed to purchase 2 cats which will be de-sexed first. We will collect them about July 8th. Mum's Ragdoll kitten is a blue bicolour female, which will be called Katey and mine a chocolate lynx male to be called Alexander, so Lexie. They are both show quality although I don't imagine I want to go down that track.

Our Motel had a dining room, not great but adequate and I had a roasted vege stirfry followed by chocolate cake dessert .... very naughty. The plane was late,but not too bad so we were back at the Motel about midnight. Chatted for an hour or so then left Jay & Os to settle while we got some sleep. Breakfasted on cereal & fruit followed by scrambled egg, bacon & toast and were home before lunch. More chatter, short rest, loaded up on coffee & toast before going to work. We have had our hours cut for the rest of the winter. It was ineveitable. Local business is down by up to 40% what with building cut-backs and fuel costs. I think it will be a lean year for tourist/holiday areas. I'm not sure how many hours I lose but it could be a lot. TWJ only loses 2.

Still surviving on coffee & toast etc with some healthy food thrown in. Tomorrow is crunch day and it won't look good. So much for my 40 day challenge. At least I can stay home all day tomorrow, or can I. TWJ is talking about moving back to Matarangi tomorrow, now that Jay & Os are home. My goal will be to go to the gym but tomorrow will bring whatever it brings. Our life is in the midst of change again and it always takes a week or so to work things out and adjust.

Time to get loaded with coffee so I can survive at work.


Karen said...

Hang in there, Margie Anne. You'll do it!!

kate said...

change can be so hard sometimes margieanne. just make up a plan and try to stick to it the best that you can when it comes to eating and exercise. :)

Honi said...

hey i always say a step at a time .. seems like you are doing okay.. have fun with the kitties

The Fallen Secret said...

Hi Margie, i have removed my blog as someone found it who i did not want reading... i am starting up a home page for myself though on an old blog domain of mine. It will be www.kaleva.co.za - I hope you will visit me there too! Just thought i must let you know as i always enjoyed your comments on my blog. Not sure if this gets posted, but i would rather it does not get published, but i did not know how to email you. Karen.

Hippygal said...

Hi ya - hope you had a good weekend :-)