Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI began blogging with Blogspot on March 16th. Since then I have lost 10 pounds. Yay me!!

For almost 2 weeks I have been following LFL. I blew my challenge from Skinny-Iside yesterday but it was a special day. I have copied from my Blog on SFL at the end of this post. It was a totally wonderful day.

In the last 7 days I have lost 2.2 pounds. The heaviest weight I have ever recorded was 115 kg or 253 pound. I now weigh 90 kg or 198lbs. Ain't that grand!!!! But I haven't finished yet. My lowest recent weight .... sometime last year was 86kg or 189.5 pound. It is at least fifteen years since I was close to 70 kg or 154 pound and I don't think I've been under that since 1966. I reckon I was somewhere around 57kg or 125 pound when I wore my wedding dress.

I'm getting there pound by pound, week by week. It seems almost impossible to weigh as little as 57 kg but if that is where I once was there is no reason why I cannot be there again. I do however reserve the right to change my mind as I get closer to that goal. I have no idea how I will look or feel at that weight as I go into my 80th decade. Help did I write that. I think I'm going to faint with shock. But I think I've got that right ... I will be 69 in 11 days, on the 15th, so this must nearing the end of my 70th decade. Oh Help! Let's forget all that stuff and get on with the job.

I have a possible 33kg or 73 pounds to lose. It is possible for me to lose this much weight in less than 12 months providing I stay with LFL. But I'm not going to focus on the big picture too much. Right now all I want to do is complete this 6 week module in good order and start the next one.

We came home without a cat.

For ages there has been a growing desire to take Mum for a nice drive on a lovely day. I also have a friend, daughter of one of Mum's closest friends who died quite a few years ago, whom I have been thinking about often & had a desire to visit. Today it all came together in a most wonderful way.

I gradually let TWJ know that Mum wanted to look at some kittens and that if R & J were free we could call on them as we would be going past their place.

Today was the only day this week we were free to do anything like that. We woke up to the best looking day ever and Mum was up and getting organised early. I made her breakfast which she had in bed and found that already she had some good clothes out. We all had time to have a relaxed breakfast, and were in the car by 9 am. Stopped at Whangamata an hour & half later for morning tea. I was prepared but decided to take a few liberties today ... more on that later.

As we resumed our trip I called my sister in Tauranga to see if she was free to join us for lunch. So she met us at a Cafe, the one opposite McGregor's Roadside shop for those who know the area. We enjoyed our lunch and I persuaded Sis to come with us to look at the cats as it was only about 10 minutes up the road.

She was really funny. She kept trying to turn her head away so she couldn't see the kittens. She loves cats and did not want to be tempted to get another although these are quite expensive and neither of us could afford one at present. Finally she relaxed when she could see we were looking rather than buying. She is also dead against Mum having another cat because of the proximity of the road. Mum & I have been working on that and we agree that the cat must only be outside under supervision, usually on a harness. The idea is hard to get used to but if you get the right cat it is no different to walking a dog.

We came away without a kitten but only because my sister was there with all her disapproval. Even TWJ was prepared. He had put our cat travelling cage in the boot. :lol: I have emailed the breeder and no doubt TWJ & I will go back in a week or two depending when the other kitten is ready to come with us. Yes!!!!!

You read it right. We are getting two kittens. Mum is paying for them both and I will pay her back for the 2nd one. Can you see my grin. I have wanted a cat of my own for so long but for various reasons it hasn't been practical, ..... not that it's all that practical now. What's the saying? ... 'In for a penny, in for a pound!'

We arrived at R & J's place and J rushed out looking in the car for the cat we did not have. We had a lovely time of catch-up over afternoon tea before hitting the road again and were home before 6.30 pm after stopping for fish & chips.

I am well satisfied with the day. How often do you get to the end of the day and know it has gone perfectly.

Well perfect except for my liberty with food and even that was not terrible. For morning tea I got a pot of hot water and added my own strawberry & mango teabag. It was not easy resisting coffee. I didn't try to resist the tempters though. I bought a piece of carrot cake & a raspberry friand. TWJ ate most of both but I had a nice taste of both as did Mum. We had plenty of time to decide from the lunch menu and I chose spinach, feta & tomato tart and ate all the filo pastry too. It came with a very small green salad. I gave in to my coffee desire but was a little disappointed. I would have been just as happy with a herbal tea so next time I know that it really doesn't make that much difference if I don't yield to my passion for coffee. By now I know I have no idea of how many grams of carbs or anything else I've eaten but I have not over eaten so it's OK.

On to afternoon tea & J had herbal teas. She had also done some baking specially for our visit and I knew it would be good. There was wonderful chunky homemade shortbread and fresh fruit loaf. I had to eat both it would be rude not to. The fruit loaf apparantly suffered because they have been running down their store cupboard in preparation for going to UK for 6 months at the end of the June. Instead of orange juice she'd used a lemon and it gave it a lovely tang.

Finally back in Whitianga Mum asked TWJ if he'd like fish & chips for tea. I let them do their thing because I had left a salad in the fridge and knew I was going to add a can of tuna to it. Which I did. So one day out. 2 on plan meals, one off plan and 2 off plan snacks. Not too bad for me but I will need to be extra vigilant tomorrow. I have failed Skinny-Insides Challenge by 3 days but I don't have to fail myself.

I won't consider it a failure if I am totally back on track tomorrow with food and gym. Will let you know how it goes. In fact I am still in ketosis ... just but that means I did not overdo the carbs to the degree I though I had. Yay Me!!!

Now for the pics.

A family photo before Jay & Os left for their holiday in Turkey. I am holding Georgie

Kittens available for sale.

Bottom - Molly's girl. I think Mum has decided she would like this one and has already named it Katey.
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