Thursday, June 19, 2008


I don't know where H took this photo but thought it reflected the main theme of this entry .... Looking to the future.

I have copied this part directly from my Blog at Slimming For Life.

Tomorrow brings me to 'Metabolic Adjustment' according to LFL. For the next 2 weeks I continue to follow the program while my body adjusts to the weight loss I've already had. It helps to settle a new 'set point' instead of telling me I need more calories to get back to my old weight. It means I can eat a few more carbs but I don't see many major changes in the program and my DIL said she continued to lose weight on M.A. and I know I have too, so not an excuse for a blow-out. I still need to avoid bread/wheat, coffee and added sugar. Possibly I'll eat more fruit and a few gluten free products.

Now for the meat for today. This is my LFL workbook questionaire from today's page. It's lengthy and could get rambly.


1. The most important thing I want to remember about my eating and weight loss is:-

I enjoy eating this way. I like how I feel. I feel healthier and more in control of my life and moods.

I can apply this in my life by continuing to limit gluten & wheat products, be moderate with coffee and added sugar. Listen to my body and not over-eat.

2. The most important thing I want to remember about my exercise and weight loss is:-

I don't have to kill myself to get enough exercise. It is best to do something most days but I need to have rest days too.

I can apply this in my life by continuing to work toward going for a walk everyday and building my strength and endurance at the gym.

3. The most important thing I want to remember about my mental attitude and weight loss is this:-

I am not perfect. I do not need to be perfect but I can be better.

I can apply this to my life by training my brain with positive affirmations. This is possibly the area I am weakest in so I need to practise the skills and relevant exercises the workbook offers.

4. The most important thing to remember about my emotional health and weight loss is:-

Stress is a killer to working the program properly and weight loss.

I can apply this by making the necessary adjustments to keep myself from being stressed whenever I can. When life happens I need to keep on trucking on with the program. I need to avoid my trigger foods, especially bread because this definitely affects my mental state. I need to give myself time-out to read, meditate, relax, (long soaks in a perfumed bath). I probably need to look again at the tools LFL offer to deal with stress.

5. The most important thing I can do to take care of myself as I continue the program is:-

Stay focussed. Not overload myself.

I can do this by blogging daily, keeping in touch with SFL & Healthy Challenge supporters. Reading other weightloss & relevant Blogs. I notice that poor eating and not visiting or responding in these support places go together. Keeping up with my tracker. This is also a sign of whether or not I am being honest to myself.

I need to keep my life balanced. Eating right and exercise are only the periphery of living, Family & friends are the most precious and I need to be careful not to become obsessed with this weight-loss until I have little room for the most important. I want to be healthy so I can enjoy family and friends even more than now. I want to be healthy so I can live longer to enjoy. Fat life is anly half a life as it slows down physical and social activities and contributes to health problems.

Rewards for getting this far include:-

1. Changes in my body:- I have more flabby areas where fat and excess fluid have gone. I can feel my ankle bones. Some things are easier to do. I'm not so tired.

2. How do I look:- I don't see much change except that my tummy seems flatter and that is very good.

3. How do I feel:- Satisfied that I've turned the tide again and am on my way to being in a healthy weight range. I have fewer moments of crankiness.

4. Have the changes affected how I feel about myself:- I'm more inclined to be content rather than frustrated and annoyed with myself.

5. Have the changes affected how I relate to others:- I think I have a little more confidence.

Quote from Lean For Life by Cynthia Stamper Graff ..... "Whatever benefits you're enjoying are enhanced by the fact you've earned them yourself. The progress you've made is a direct result of your actions, your willingness to set a goal and make it happen. In the process you've demonstrated remarkable committment and determination. You've invested energy, enthusiasm, and effort in the program and in yourself - and it's paying off. This will continue as long as you continue." ...

Thank-you Cynthia for the encouraging words.


Anne said...

I like the questionnaire you've worked through, it really made me think.

Karen said...

Catching up on some neglected blog reading!!! The school year has just ended, so it's holidays for the next 5 weeks...YAAAAAYYYY. Young taylor and I have hikes and picnics and other good stuff planned. :-)

Just been reading through your posts. Congratulations on your progress. You are so lucky to have a beach to walk along. That's one of the things that I miss re NZ.

Skinny Inside said...

Great post, MargieAnne! I especially like this part: "I want to be healthy so I can enjoy family and friends even more than now. I want to be healthy so I can live longer to enjoy"

That's what it's all about!

kate said...

wow margieanne think of all those great things that are happening to your body since losing weight. what a great motivator for anyone :)