Thursday, June 12, 2008


Thank-you for coming here and stopping to encourage me. I am always amazed by the kind comments, more so as we all can beat ourselves up, yet we know how far a little kindness goes. Honi, you make me chuckle.

I'm glad to say that I have lost most of the extra poundage that sneaked on during my bread & coffee fest. Most of the remainder should be gone tomorrow. I had hoped to be under 90 kg, 198lb, or less before Sunday, my 69th birthday. That is still possible ...... just. At the begining of the year my goal was to be under 79 kg, 174, lb but that became impossible when I struggled to be consistent.

I am definitely more of a hare than a tortoise but the hare did reach the finish line eventually. All or nothing people cause themselves a lot of pain but I have no idea how to change my personality. I've changed in so many ways but this one I have to live with for now. I know that patience grows with practice. Therefore it follows that the more I practice accepting that I'm not perfect, never will be and that being perfect is not important I will become less anxious. Being less anxious should mean I accept me as I am, accept the day as it comes and roll with each challenge, coming up on my feet.

I am more likely to either blitz a challenge or totally fail. The idea of a challenge is to find the best way through. If things don't look good then I must re-assess and make the necessary adjustments. No challenge is too hard. I know that so why do I give in and try to find the easy route which almost always has a dead end. U-turns are such a waste of time but are frequent. It would be better if I learned to make smaller adjustments along the way. Detours can be a good thing. I might see things I've never seen before. Great potential to discover & learn.

This feels a bit rambling .... I'm writing thoughts as they come. Maybe it will make sense when I read it later.

Blessing and have a consistent, well planned day. And don't forget, if you have to go with plan B, C, or even H it is still a well planned day.


Skinny Inside said...

I'm glad your "slip up" weight slipped off:-) Have a wonderful birthday!!

Cammy said...

I love your attitude, MargieAnne! Also, I applaud you for taking responsibility (so very different from blame) for the "detour" from your original goal. You WILL see the finish line, and you'll be such a stronger person for it.

dadivastreet said...

I've been told that everything eventually falls into place. Hang in there!:) Have a well planned weekend & a Lovely Birthday!

Hippygal said...

Got to love comments, and I have to admit, I sometimes don't comment enough on peoples blogs.... Have a great weekend :-)

Hippygal said...

Got to love comments, and I have to admit, I sometimes don't comment enough on peoples blogs.... Have a great weekend :-)

Honi said...

you know what is absolutely wonderful about you? That you understand that being flexible is the only way you will have success a step at a time.. and that you are willing to change.. to many people reach a certain age and just throw in the towel and say.. oh well.. I am "insert whatever age" too late .. might as well give up.. Thank you for pointing out that wether you are 20, 40 , 45 , 50 , or whatever age .. you have to be flexible.. things happen and you must be able to adapt.. and there is nothing more important than you to yourself.. allowing your self to change and grow at whatever age.. is to me the best way to go through life..

Nicole said...

You're doing GREAT!! Keep up the good work. :o)

Anne said...

Comments are great, both making them and receiving them. I find them very supportive:-)

Have a Happy Birthday!!!

kate said...

have a fantastic birthday margieanne. doesnt matter if you have reached your goal or not for your birthday, at least it is another year where you have learnt a lot as you have gone along your road of weightloss. keep going!