Friday, 13 June 2008


TWJ went to bed ages ago but left the TV on Sky ... TCM to be exact and I'm watching a very old film with Esther Williams starring. It is so corny but kind of relaxing too.

Earlier we watched the final of the Biggest Loser 2007, I think, anyway the one the twins cleaned up. Amazing how they have all changed and you can see the huge difference that exercise makes. They all look so trim and shapely.

Biggest Loser was in sharp contrast to the program on TV 3 (NZ) we watched last night. A 26 year old woman weighing over 400 kg, 900 lbs, had finally found a Dr. who would do the surgery she believed would give her life back. It was rather sad because after doing well for a while she had a heart attack and they couldn't do anything to save her.

I was in awe that people could get so big and still live. Being super morbidly obese is terrible.

I guess I was not alone in struggling with amazement and some disgust, especially when they revealed the darkened areas where rolls and folds of fatty tissue fell over one another. It looked as though she was rotting away but that could have been picture distortion. I had to keep reminding myself that if you have an over-eating problem it is easy to gain weight like that. After all I can gain 10 kg in a month and I don't eat much fried food or takeaways.

I have been left with many questions. The prime one being .... How come she continued to gain weight after becoming bed-ridden? Couldn't her carers have controlled her food intake, put her on a nutricious diet, given her suitable exercises and given her a chance to get control? Who delivered food that helped her to continue to gain?

It reminded me that we can be really callous toward people that find themselves overwhelmed by their circumstances. I can't help wondering why there was no service with offering psychological help along with medical help. Perhaps though there was a lack of medical Insurance. Whatever, we must find effective ways to help people who have got beyond helping themselves.

I once dreamed that I would do just that. I would establish a retreat centre where people could come for an hour, a day or as long as it took and find healing in a loving atmosphere. They would be able to establish healthy routine, discover their creativeness and much more. I guess there are places but never enough. It seems so sad that there are people who never seem to have a decent chance in ife whether they be in Afghanistan or new York or Godzone, (one of New Zealand's nickname).

I was writing this earlier and lost it. I am having trouble expressing myself as well this time. GRRRR!

I'm not going to try to write more about this ...... just that it left me very thoughful.
And looking for the rainbow.

I'm still procrastinating over exercise but food is good. Today was mainly protein so very low in carbs and I've been drinking either ginger & lemon tea or the strawberry & mango.

And a little giggle ...... Our eldest son has a few acres. He has a huge stock of old cars. We find it somewhat embarrassing but he calls it his hobby. The cows are Belted Galloway.
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