Monday, 16 June 2008


Here, my challenge is to blog daily. That's my goal because I have noticed that if I am not blogging I am most likely off program. My 1st port of call is Slimming For Life so it's possible I can miss a day here and still be faithful to my challenge.

Yesterday, it's now Monday morning, I had a pleasant birthday and tonight we are having a special dinner with Mum, Sis and neice & her husband. I still have to work out the menu but will include roast pork and baked veges, mesculin salad mix with other bits like red capsicum. I want a light fruity dessert with fresh whipped cream so might make a fruit jelly, jello. I love jelly & cream. I also want to have fruit so will see what I do. We have nectarines, probably from USA, in the shop so might slow roast some as the flavour is not great when raw. They are picked un-ripe. I'll see what looks most appetising.

Thank-you to all those who left comments .... there have been a few and that delights me. Also Many, Many Thanks for Happy Birthday Wishes. It's rather nice to receive these from all around the world. Especially as my children have been a bit slack this year although TWJ is getting better at remembering. Perhaps he is reminded by Mum ... I'm not going to ask.

I will have an extended birthday though because next week we collect Jay from airport and I know she has something for me .... not the least being Double Bling, Bling jandals, (flip flops), from Bali.

I'm also reading my LFL workbook daily as I've got a bit slack on that and when I do I find it helps reinforce new attitudes, habits and ideas.

Today the focus is on strategies to deal with Real Life Challenges & Temptations.

Have a strategy for shopping ..... avoid shopping when stressed, tired or hungry ..... hmmm!

Steer clear of danger Zones ..... I do that more & more, letting TWJ go to the Bakery while I do the Toiletries but the Deli with cold cuts is virtually part of the Fresh Bakery.

Read food labels. ... I'm getting better at it all the time. Recently I've been concentraing on sodium levels. I don't eat all that much processed food but it can be surprising how much sneaks in.

Shop from a list ... I usually do. The best I've seen is an older guy who has done a list on his computer with the things they normally buy and the aisles they are found in. So he comes in with this orderly list with a little tick box beside each item. The Grocery Marketers must hate people like that.

Buy fresh. They also suggest that you shop fewer times but I have found that buying on a 'Need To' basis works well for me when I am in the SuperMarket so often. If it's not in the pantry I can't eat it.

Other strategies discussed are around eating out which are important but not quite so relevant because I guess we average less than 12 restaurant meals a year and even fewer take-aways. On the other hand I do need a strategy for the morning/afternoon cappuccino in the local coffee shops because the temptations are too strong. When in a 'bad' mode I can spend far too much time and money 'Treating Myself.'

It's a bit stormy today. Easterly blowing, rain, sea roaring. Not so restful.

Now I must get my day on the road so to speak. Get dressed, have breakfast, go to gym, (1st time in 2 weeks), plan menu, shop and work out with Sis who prepares and cooks what.
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