Friday, May 23, 2008


I have lost 3 lbs since mid April ... nothing to get too excited about but at least it is in the right direction.

Will I be at goal weight before we leave for our Alaskan Cruise?

Today I have kept to protein foods. But I am only going to fit in 4 meals instead of 6 because I lazed in bed this morning. Nor have I gone for a walk. This is doing nothing for the team walking challenge. Plus I can't get into the website for our team because I think I used a very complicated password and never recorded it. Will have to call on DaDiva since it is her site.

This morning it was nice enough for a walk but when I finally began to get ready TWJ made a huge fuss. It was cold and windy and her pointed out I had spent all week trying to throw off a cold. For once I listened to him.

I'm sure there are things I want to write here but my brain has gone for a walk .... suspect low blood sugars. Will eat and come back.


dadivastreet said...

A loss is always welcome! No problem with the link! You didn't have to ask!:-D I will email you the password!

Skinny Inside said...

How's it going? Eat as much protien as you need-it's better than caving:-)

What time is it there? I'm in Central European zone, which is GMT +2 in the summer. Have a great weekend if I don't get in to check on you. I know you can make it!

Honi said...

ohh goodness I linked you with my blog last week.. lol sorry I did not ask.. please feel free to keep me on your list.. its the only way I remember how to visit the blogs I enjoy and I enjoy your blog very much too!!! and congrats on the 3 pounds.. its all in the right direction

Irish Mom said...

Hi there!! Thanks for the link, I'm going to be updating mine soon!! 3 pounds is awesome!! great job. I have always wanted to go on an Alaskan Cruise, sounds like an amazing trip!!

Dottie said...

I have no problem with you adding me to your sidebar. We're in this weightloss thing together. It's a bit easier with the added support. Have a great day!

kikimonster said...

Hi Margie Anne :) No problem with the link, and I've added you to my google reader. I have to laugh because when you started posting on my blog, I thought you were one of my closest friends from university whose name is also Margie!

MargieAnne said...

Thanks everyone of you. This has definitely become my latest addiction and I need it because I have no other support except on line.
Because I am so new to the Blogging World I wasn't too sure about what is polite & what is not *giggle*
Didn't want to cause unnecessary offence. I am so pleased to find I have readers ... Oh my I write words that are read .... Wow.
Love & Blessings to you all.