Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Still have the sniffles and now a cough. I hate having colds and will do all I can to prevent it settling on my chest. I haven't got time to be sick. Iwant to get out and do my walk across USA.

Honi wondered, in a comment, why I choose to do Lean For Life instead of WW. There are many reasons. The main one is I don't relate to their menus and I find the program too high in carbohydrates. I have this thing going on which suggests I am intolerant of wheat and gluten, and have insulin resistance, but is too low to measure with blood tests.

Lean For Life might be restrictive but it has all the foods I like to eat. I have even discovered that I like plain Greek style yoghurt, (thick, unsweetened & unflavoured), cottage cheese with celery, and although not a great fish eater I have discovered SeaLord Lite Tuna in several flavours which I can eat straight from the can for a snack or mix into vegetable salad for a meal.

I have also found that on Lean For Life I am not so grumpy and irritable. That is the best reason of all to avoid a higher carb diet.

Another thing I like about LFL is the Work-Book which gives me a daily subject to work on so that I am gradually building life time skills. I have found this possibly the best personal growth series I have ever tried.

I enjoy the fact that I can break up the weight loss journey into 6 week modules. 4 weeks of fairly rapid weight loss followed by 2 weeks of maintenance which helps prepare the body for a healthy life rather than yo-yo dieting. I know that so far my journey has not been very consistent or even a good example of what LFL offers. I also know that I am better off doing this program than anything else I have tried.

I'm not a huge fan of WW but many people find it perfect for them and sometimes I wish it was that simple for me. Maybe one day I will find that I am more tolerant of certain carbs and the tendency to insulin resistance has been reversed.

Please ..... this is not a criticism of any program others choose. It is not a criticsm of the traditional food pyramid. It is simply a recognition that I have abused my body over the years to the degree that I need to be a lot more selective in what I eat and eliminating a few things, even if they are favourite foods, will not kill me.

And on a trivial note. Yesterday I was picking up the remote control for Sky TV but caught a full glass of water and drowned the thing. TWJ was devastated. He dried it off, it wouldn't work, he took out the batteries and put it in the Hot Water Cylinder cupboard and it still wasn't working late last night. This morning it works. He is in Remote Heaven.

I need to have my breakfast but I'll be back to tell you I went for a short walk and make a list of my reasons for losing weight and becoming healthy & fitter. As if there needs to be a reason ... lol .... it just makes good old common sense.

See you later.

Right I said I'd be back with a list ...


1. General well-being
2. To be as fit as possible for as many years as I live.
3. To look as good as possible
4. To reduce the strain on my joints
5. To reduce and hopefully eliminate arthritic pain
6. To allow my body to heal from abuses such as eating too much sugar, imbalanced diet etc.
7. To enjoy being active.
8. To not feel quite so cramped when we fly economy class
9. To chose fun clothes, wear outrageous colours & anything else I like without drawing attention to the fact that I'm fat.
10. To be able to buy clothes that look good at the more budget priced shops.
11. To show that I am not too old to change my weight and fitness
12. Maybe be an example of encouragement for others.
13. To wear my wedding dress again without busting it
14. To be lighter than TWJ
15. To be an example for my family who all have weight issues.
16. To surprise people who haven't seen me between the heavy and the new goal weight.
17. To honour my God.
18 To wear a swimsuit without cringing inside.

This journey has a lot to do with how I feel as a Christian .... will go into this in another post.

There's much more but that's enough for now.


Nykky said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I am going to add your link to my favorites! Working out with my father is very special! We are really becoming great support for one another. Have a great night.

Cammy said...

You've hit on something it would serve us all well (well me, anyway) to be mindful of, and that's the need to re-evaluate every now and then. LFL works great for you and with luck, that will always be the case. But things may be different at some point in the future, and if your mind is closed off to the possibilities, you could lose ground as you pursue the wrong path. I have to remember that!

Hope you feel better soon!

Anne said...

Interesting to read. Do you have to pay for their program? I do know what you mean about WW, the program has a bit too much flexibility for me, which is why this week I've toughened up and lowered my carb intake. I realise each person is different and it has to be something that you can follow and enjoy.

Holly said...

Interesting.. I've never heard of Lean for Life. Glad to hear it is a good fit for you though! Best of luck!

Hippygal said...

We have to do what works for us and if that is LFL then go for it. Hope you enjoyed your walk :-)

Skinny Inside said...

Hi MargieAnne, Thanks for checking in with me! I was planning to start on Monday-although I could start right along with you tomorrow. We have a birthday party to go to on Saturday, but I should be able to navigate it w/o a problem. Now that I look at the calender, I'll start tomorrow. We're probably going to my in-laws on June 6th, and that usually involves nuts to fill in the snack gaps. So, you're starting off with 3 protein days?

Janine said...

thanks for your comment on my site Margie. I have no probs with you linking my site, although I must get my A into G and write something.