Tuesday, May 6, 2008


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No official weight for another 3 weeks. I have begun at the gym. Still not completed one week of exercise as planned but getting closer, still negative ketosis and some very bad eating this last week. Mixed results is the best I can say but I feel good about life in general.

Today I was tired out. I woke at 6 am just in time to farewell our son & his partner as they head off on their journey South. Today they have at least 8 hours driving plus a stop in Rotorua to see our middle son. They plan to stay at a campground near Wellington tonight and will catch the Inter Islander Ferry at 9 am tomorrow then another 5 or so hours driving to their home. It was lovely to see them even if a very brief visit. We chatted together last night, the only time I've had with them.

I then went back to bed and slept off and on until nearly 2pm. Thank-goodness for that luxury as I now feel more like myself. Yesterday my eating was off plan big time, especially as I became more and more tired last night. Today I have only had one meal so far, scrambled eggs with parsley herb. Soon I will have yoghurt and later ground beef with pumpkin. I might go out for a walk because I need to go to bed early and sleep so that I can think clearly as we pack what we need for the next 7 weeks at Mum's. It's not a big deal if I forget anything because we will be back at least once a week to check things and mow lawns.

The weather has been reasonably clear today after a night of very heavy rain. I hope that's it, because I have heaps of washing and no drier, just a clothes horse inside which takes days if the air is damp. I hate wet washing hanging around but cannot justify buying a drier right now. Another load waiting to be hung out so I must go.

Blessings and best wishes for the next Healthy Challenge Week


Irish Mom said...

OOHHHH I love days when I can get back into bed!! Hang in there!!

dadivastreet said...

Good for you starting the gym! You'll get it together!

Skinny Inside said...

Hi, I noticed you're doing LFL...that's the program I used when I first started my weight loss journey back in 1999. I lost 70 pounds in about 8 months, I kept most of it off for a few years, but some stressful events caused me to regain about half. (I restarted in January on Atkins-I've been losing and gaining the same 10-20 pounds constantly for 5 years) Anyhow, I wanted to challenge you to go really strict with yourself on LFL for just 2 weeks. Eat all the right foods, journal them, and walk your steps. The first three days are the toughest, but if you make it past 3 days, the two weeks will fly by, then it's smooth sailing! Good luck!

Shauna said...

Hello there! Just wanted to say a big thanks for your lovely comment recently, glad you enjoyed the blog archives. And hope you don't develop a G&B's addiction... you can blame me if you do :P

kate said...

it would have been lovely seeing your son before he went margie anne :) sounds like they have a nice trip ahead of them. hope it isnt too cold for them!

we luckily bought a clothes drier when heidi was born 2 years ago. so i can remember the clothes horse with wet clothes on it - even with the heater on it still wouldnt dry :(

Hippygal said...

Must admit the last few weeks I am glad I have a dryer. Winter is certainly here. Have a good weekend :-)

Cammy said...

Way to go on starting the gym! Also, it's really great that you're recognizing that you're doing a lot of things *better* than you were before, even when they're not perfect! If we're going to add up all the bad things, we need to tally all the good things, too! And you've got a lot of things going right for you!