Monday, 19 May 2008


The last few days it has been enough to survive. I didn't care how much or what I ate. I drank coffee to keep me going. All bad, bad, bad. Such temporary solution when all I needed was a complete day off, no work, no resposibilities. But I had to keep going knowing that today was coming. And I pay the price. I get stress sore throats ..... haven't had one for so long I'd forgotten. I combat them by not doing more than my body tells me most of the time, eating foods that do not add stress, getting proper rest/sleep and taking vitamins especially extra B5. I just couldn't keep up ... brain going on strike .... will power out, vamoosed.

Today I have a very scratchy throat, touch of headache/cold. Hoping it will dissipate and not turn into full blown sniffles.

Recovery plan means I spend as much time in bed as I can and drink lots of water fortified with vitamin C. TWJ will have to see to Mum. Thank goodness she is well and her needs minor, and there is a huge beef caserole cooked yesterday, for tonight's dinner. Here's hoping my lazy day works and recovery only takes 1 day.

I have just joined the Walking Team with http://dadivastreet.wordpress.com & co. 2 days lazing around is not going to do much for my team effort. My personal challenge is to walk across the US and I haven't reached 1st base yet. I am also preparing to do Lean For Life properly and get my head into the right space instead of thinking near enough is good enough.

Talking about the Walk, - according to the calculator the days I go to the gym I gain a whole lot of extra steps. That's pretty cool. I haven't been counting incidental walking around the house, shopping, at work etc. I think I will need to do so to get close enough to 10,000 steps per day. I am going to enjoy being part of this challenge. It is just what I need to get me out of my current lazy mode of doing things when I feel like it. It's just a bit of a *********** to have to delay this week's contribution.

I have been receiving some very nice comments. Thank-you. I am so enjoying meeting all you wonderful people. I have bookmarked so many Blogs and keep adding new ones to Google Reader. My challenge here is to make comments on a few every day. It's so easy to read then move onto the next one forgetting how much pleasure an encouraging comment makes. One of the things that delight me is the sense of humour found among we battling people. It has been said many times that fat people hide behind their jokes and laughter. It is true that it's better to laugh than cry but in covering up our pain and sadness we have learned to see the funny side of life, to laugh at ourselves, to not take life too seriously.

Is that a positive or what? The Bible says to 'give Thanks to God for all things.' I have always wondered how one should apply this to being overweight but perhaps this is one of the pluses. We have learned to laugh when we want to cry, we have learned to show courage when we want to run & hide, we have learned to stand when overwhelmed by someone's remarks, we have learned the meanng of compassion and so much more. There has been so much character building going on even when we weren't aware. So yes .... I think I can give thanks, because my failures in one area have led to character building qualities in others.

My most favourite Bible passage is in Romans 8:28 - We know that God causes EVERYTHING to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, (Jesus).

Yes .... even as we battle to overcome we are becoming more like Jesus, the man whose life was perfect in every way.

That is God's promise. That even this fat problem He will take and use for good, and I see the good everyday when I read your Blogs.

Blessings all and may you have the best week ever.

TWJ has just come in with a fresh crayfish, courtesy of our niece & her husband who skippers a charter fishing boat. I will probably only have a small nibble, (I'm not much of a fish eater), & Mum has to eat very moderately or she gets gout so TWJ will be in food heaven.
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