Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am into my 3rd protein day. Tomorrow I add more fruit & vegetables. So far I'm doing well.

I went to Church this morning and will go for a walk as soon as I have written this, then it's off to work for 4 hours.

Today's sermon was about Faith but that in itself wasn't what struck me. Our Pastor quoted from Hebrews 12:1-2 ... This caught my attention. "And let us run with endurance (or perseverance), the race God has set before us."

Then he made these comments about perseverance ...... "Hiccups do not matter, it's how you handle them and how you come back."

Perseverance to run the race is not relaxed. It won't happen if we sit back and let life flow around us without getting involved personally.

No Perserverance ........... No Confidence

No Confidence ........... No Endurance

No Endurance ........... No Loyalty

In this case he was talking about our loyalty to Christ and our walk with God, and he pointed out that God is in all aspects of our lives, not just at Church and in the place of prayer.

I am impressed that as I journey towards greater health and fitness, with weight loss being a significant part of that, I am also on a journey with God. I haven't written much about the spiritual aspect of this journey but it is very real to me.

Today I was again encouraged that everytime I persevere, everytime I pick myself up after a hiccup, or even a very long pause I am exercising the qualities of perseverance, building confidence and endurance and exhibiting loyalty.

Loyalty to what or whom you might ask.

Loyalty to God's plan for me. Loyalty to self, to others who love me, but chiefly it has to be God. After all He made me marvellously well and my treatment of myself has not been much of a witness to His grace and love. Learning to love myself because He loved me first is about continual growth. I thought I'd made it years ago when I had a revelation of His love. I am now, after all this time, beginning to realise that the whole thing is a process that will continue until I meet Him in Glory.

To persevere with this race, like a toroise or even the hare who had to take long rests between bursts of enthusiasm and energy, is to grow stronger, and there is a rich reward. Bringing my body into line with how it is intended to be, healthy and fit, and learning so many things along the way, so that at last I function at my best, or at least better than now is a very rich reward indeed.

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Cammy said...

Interesting thoughts! I agree. It's not so much the events that happen, but how we handle them that matter in the end.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!