Thursday, May 8, 2008


We had a truly beautiful day yesterday and while it still is cloudy this morning is quite warm. I'm waiting for the tide to go out a little more before I go for a beach walk. Thinking ...... Do I walk all 9500 steps today as well as go to the gym to achieve this week's exercise goals when I still have the 4 hrs on my feet at New World, SuperMarket. Hmmmm! I'll do what I feel comfortable with. At least 3,000 on the beach, that's more than a km and the gym is definite. I was so pleased that there were no awful aching after effects from last time. Does that mean I didn't work hard enough ..... not at all, it means that what I did was just right for me and I followed through with correct stretching.

Giggle... Shauna, http:/www.dietgirl.org/ left a comment about G & B chocolate addiction. I think I'm safe as I rarely buy chocolate these days. But ..... in the last few days I have eaten chocolate cake, 1 very rich truffle & last night one of Mum's birthday chocolates. There are heaps of those but Mum tends to be a little possessive of her gifts so that was probably a one off .... and only because I followed TWJ as he pinched one.

I thought I'd say a little about LFL here today especially in response to Skinny-Inside. Please excuse I haven't got the hang of putting urls in yet.

My youngest son introduced me to LFL, Lean For Life, a few years ago. They were members of an Amway group that was promoting this Weight Loss Program and of course Amway have some brilliant protein and vitamin supplements to go with the program. I tried it and was immediately aware of the health benefits, but became a little, read a lot, slack and went back to old ways of eating. Since then I have been off and on so many times I've lost count. The first 6 months of last year I stayed pretty much to plan and lost over 20 kg, (44 lbs), then my life got in the way and I became somewhat stressed .... and back to old ways. Today I am about that same mark although my lowest weight last year was 86kg, (191 lb), or 9 kg, (20 lb) less than now.

I use a book called Lean For Life by Cynthia Stamper Graff which was printed for one of the Amway groups and contains the whole program & workbook. It seems to be very comprehensive and although I've been through it several times there is still heaps for me to learn and put into practice.

My problem seems to be that I have gone stale on this program and keep taking liberties that sabotage my best days. Skinny-Inside has challenged me to follow the program faithfully for 2 weeks. I am delaying this challenge for at least 2 more weeks because one ... I have been more or less following the program for 4 weeks now and have only 15 days to complete the 1st 6 weeks cycle and I know that I have many challenges over the next week that will make it difficult to be totally faithful to the program. I am establishing a gym routine, building up my daily walking, adjusting to working, if only 16 hours a week, for the first time in 45 years, and settling into the semi-permanent living at Mum's. On Monday afternoon we take Jay & partner to Auckland Airport, 3 1/2 to 4 hour trip, stay the night at a Motel and spend Tuesday shopping for quilting materials and looking at cars. On Friday I want to go to a Holy Spirit River Day. I hope I have the energy. I have missed the last 2 because I had too much on but this time the speaker is a friend who supports ministries and orphanages in Myanmar, (Burma), where they have experienced terrible devastation this last week. Hopefully Denise will have news of the people they visitand it will be an opportunity to offer any help we can.

I promise I will accept the challenge starting May 23rd. I not only want to do this and know it will be very good for me but I need to do it and prove that I can. It should be so easy ... I am a stress eater, I crave carbs when stressed. I also suspect that I have a gluten or wheat intolerance because I feel so much healthier when I eliminate those elements from my diet. There is nothing easy about losing weight for those who have become addicted to a high carbohydrate diet. In the meantime I am following the program to the best of my ability day by day.

I truly like the program because it is divided into 6 week bites that seem to be over so quickly, especially as the first day of each week is different to the rest, being a total fast from carbohydrates. I have more energy, less irritability and generally feel great. Don't ask me why I cannot stick to it. Weight loss is guaranteed, on average It s possible for me to lose about 7kg, (15lbs) in 6 weeks. That is pretty good for someone my age.

Today is marching on and I've yet to have breakfast before I go to the gym and do Mum's shopping.


kate said...

margie the program lean for life sounds like a great idea. maybe another reason you are sabotaging is that a. you have done the cycle in the past and b. because knowing its only 6 weeks worth you think 'ah i can start again'. is this a possibility or am i just rambling lol??

those poor people in burma. i heard that they are yet to accept foreign aid offers. dont know if thats true or not :(

Anne said...

Interesting, must have a look at what the program is like. I also think I overdose on carbs, love them - but they don't love me! When I cut back on them a few months ago, weight loss seemed to be happening easir.

MargieAnne said...

It's true about Burma although I haven't heard the latest news today. There is real paranoia about receiving aid and the leadership denies the presence of poverty and orphans.

You could have a point about why I am being so slack Kate.

Some Carbs are my enemy. I have nothing against WW but find it hard to lose weight as there are so many carbs allowed that are not good for me. LFL I manage quite well without a support group except my on-line friends. Also I have found I don't need to weigh, count or be over fussy about serving sizes.

Felicia said...

I think you should just keep trying to find what works for you. If the new plan is in the future then go for it!! I wish you the best of luck!!!