Monday, May 19, 2008


Lying in bed all day has given me time to think and catch up on a few Blogs .... maybe answering these questions will give me some insights too.

1. What types of food were you most likely to overeat?
Bread & butter with whatever fillings. Cake & biscuits, desserts. I would have said I prefer savoury foods but I rarely eat snack foods like crisps & salted nuts. I have been known to eat a whole 350 gm pkt of biscuits, (cookies), though.

2. What times of day did you overeat most often?
Anytime ... I have been known to begin with breakfast but usually I wouldn't start before mid-late afternoon, continue through dinner and through the evening.

3. What feelings were you having most often when you overate?
You name it... My biggest danger is being tired but excitement, contentment, joy, grief, stress, stress, stress and stress, anger, unhappiness, there is no emotion safe from the munchies. There are only 2 times I can recall being too upset to eat. That was very serious, completely out of character.

4. Do you think you have a binge-eating disorder?
I prefer to call myself a chaotic eater. I sometimes skip meals, eat at odd times, fast. One of my discipline challenges is to eat at regular intervals.

5. What circumstances in your life do you believe contributed to your weight gain?
A stupid, groundless mindset that I was fat when I was normal. My physiological response to stress which I have only begun to understand in recent years. Unhappiness with certain aspects of our life. Heartbreak ... not writing more detail here. Suicide not being an acceptable option I took the softer option to eat myself to death.

Possibly a very common problem.... Post Traumatic Stress Disorder An incident or two from my childhood which remained hiddden in my memory for over 45 years.

6. Do you “blame” anyone for your weight?
Only myself. I saw myself as a greedy person who liked food.

7. What other behaviors made you overweight?
Comfort eating. Turning to food when I seemed to have no control over certain circumstances.

8. Were you active or exercising while you gained weight?
Most times. I am a fairly active person, or thought I was, but activity reduced with increasing weight. I do love too many sedentary occupations, knitting, hand-sewing, reading, reading & eating, reading, doing soduko puzzles which have recently taken a back seat to the World of Blogging.

9. Why did you choose that activity level?
I enjoy all those pass-times and it was easier to get involved in those activities than move my body.

10. What finally made you want to change?
Some years ago... over 30 in fact, I was dagnosed with ME or fatigue syndrome. I discovered that some of the foods I most commonly ate contributed to the weakness. A few years ago I was introduced to the Lean For Life Program. Suddenly all the debilitating symptoms began to disappear, I felt stronger and fitter. After several aborted attempts to follow the program I know it is the only healthy way for me. I have resisted this knowledge because I don't want to eliminate certain foods, such as wheat, sugar and possibly other high carbohydrates, but the truth is I will only achieve optimum health if I avoid them. These are also my 'trigger' foods. Joint or athritic type pain is always a reminder I am eating wrong foods.

I am growing older, and if I do not discipline myself now I am in for a very unhappy and unhealthy few years. Right now I am comparatively healthy. My blood pressure is controlled with medication, otherwise I seem to come up healthy on all tests except weight and physical fitness. It is now or an increasing chance of ill health and an uncomfortable old age. I love life too much to opt for that. There is so much I still want to do ... I have told my children I am going to live until I am 150. Their looks of horror have turned this into a family joke.

My mother is 93 and was swimming regularly until a few years ago when breathlessness and increasing heart problems made this too difficult for her. I have good genes ... why would I mess them up when I have all the knowledge and all the power to take advantage of that before it is too late.

Since this is not the first time I have done such an exercise there is nothing new here for me but it is always good to re-assess where I am. Thanks for this series of questions.


Ready Maid said...

Good morning,
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting over at Ready Maid - especially while I was babysitting and traveling. I'm in town for only three days until I leave again; but I usually do better keeping up with my fellow bloggers than I have done the past two weeks.

Sounds as if you're doing the tough mental work it takes to successfully manage your eating habits. Hang in there, Kiddo. With each baby step, it gets easier and more ingrained in your "habit drawer." Eventually, you'll look back at the trail of baby steps and realize how far you've come.

You CAN do this!

dadivastreet said...

I answered the questions, but did not post them. It did give me some insight on what I already knew. Somehow seeing them on paper made me a little more mindful of what I was doing to myself. Wishing you healthier living and long life!