Sunday, 11 May 2008


In spite of reading Nicole's Journey into the wee small hours I was up in time to give Mum her breakfast. We gave her a pretty pink begonia which is on one of the bedside tables in her room. Jay & Os gave me 2 pair of nice pants. They have the high leg cut so not quite granny knickers. Nothing from our 3 sons but that's par for the course & I was given a pretty basket of cyclamen & other plants by D & H last weekend so wouldn't expect to hear from them again.

I had pretty tight timetable yesterday and somehow fitted everything in. It began at 8.30 am taking the workers to town, back again 9.45 am to do a few shopping tasks, go to gym, pick up Os from work 11am. Get lunch & sit with Mum for a lttle while. 1.30 pm dash into town to pick up DVDs of family for Jay to take to cousin in Bali & Os's family in Turkey. Look at the clock .... just enough time to put first shampoo in hair & go for beach walk while it marinates, (I am treating dermatitis of scalp). Back in time to wake Os for his afternoon/evening shift, have a shower, finish washing hair and we got to work before 4 pm. Phew! That's 2/7 I've stayed on my exercise plan. But I was so hungry when I got home from work I had ..... not 1, not 2 but 3 slices of bread. I also had a big drink so up & down to loo for a while.

I am enjoying my gym routine and was sorry to cut back on the cross-trainer yesterday because I did not have enough time. I 'raced' through my program thinking I will have to bring on the increases after 2 weeks. That's pretty cool because means I am fitter and stronger than I thought I was.

Today I got dressed up and went to Church, was sorry to leave at end of service as they were having lunch together, but had TWJ waiting at home to be ferried to work. He starts 1 pm and I have a little grace as I don't start until 4 pm.

I wish I could describe what it is like at our church but it will come across as pretty weird I think. We are small group of people with big faith. This morning the preaching was based around the similarities between the Passover and the Christian celebration of Communion. We also looked at the blessings for those who celebrate the Feast Days God gave Israel. There were prophetic words of encouragement and as we prayed for one another some of us experienced laughter and shaking. Some, including me, got wobbly legged like a drunk man. It is quite funny as we literally experience the scripture, from Ephesians 5:18, "Do not get drunk on wine, for that leads to debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit." Sometimes the power of God is so strong on a person they cannot stand. I know how strange this must sound to people who have never experienced this wonderful love and joy that flows from God. We are in contact, via God TV and Internet, with some big ministries and currently are excited about what is happening at Lakekand, Florida where Todd Bently has been ministering since early April. He went there for a 5 night Healing Crusade and God has come in a spectacular way. They have changed their venue several times to accommodate the increasing crowds and people are flying in from all around the world as they hear about it. I wish I could go but will have to be satisfied with what I can get on Internet and maybe visit a friend with God TV.

Jay is busy finishing their packing ..... not getting much help from the man who is cooking up a storm to share with his work mates tonight. TWJ & I have booked a Motel near the Airport for tomorrow night, so will have a nice time alone .... hope it is sound-proofed. We leave about 5 pm tomorrow. A niece & her husband come & stay with Mum. Will have tea at a restaurant on the way & from past experience it will not be LFL friendly. On the other hand I should have time to go to the gym and for a beach walk in the morning. It looks as though the weather will be good so washing will dry outside.

I will go shopping for quilting fabrics .... TWJ will have to turn his back while I spend. The main idea though is to look at cars in our financial comfort zone.

Time to put on meat for dinner, roast of lamb, and Jay will do the veges.
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