Thursday, May 15, 2008


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It's been a mixed up week but mostly stayed close to program. I've walked most days & been to the gym but not tried to be in ketosis. Saving that for my my challenge to do things properly from May 23rd.

Yesterday was a day from hell ... at times anyway. I had gut pain possibly caused by too much coffee & carbs the previous day. The pain lasted all day, I couldn't go into work and was the worst pain I have yet experienced from what I believe is wheat/gluten intolerance. Unfortunately this does not show on any blood or allergy tests so it is just my guess from trial and error experience.

I love flowers.

I was so looking forward to achieving my exercise goals this week but not to be. Taking things easy today although it is such a perfect day I will go for a little walk on the beach.
It would have been so easy to get my 3rd gym session and a long walk today but I'll be kind to this old body and remember next week is another opportunity. There won't be as much going on either. Tomorrow I want to go to the Ladies River Day which means driving about 1 hour each way so is a full day out. I will have to go to our Matarangi house Monday or Tuesday next week but otherwise is a pretty routine week. I hope!

Monday, before we got too involved in final preparations for their trip, Jay & I went for a walk. Mum's Ragdoll cat, with the unromantic name of George wanted to come too but he was soon out of his comfort zone. He sat down & whimpered like a spoiled dog before turning around and going home. We walked to the stream. The sun was still trying to rise above the hill. The beauty of these early morning reflections in the water begged to be recorded.

Family photo before we left for Auckland Airport. TWJ, Mum, Os, Jay, Bron, (niece), self wth Georgie.


betsy said...

WOW! Are these pictures from where you live? Beautiful! I'd be walking on that beach everyday... forget the gym! HA!

Thank you for your kind advice on my blog... I have had a weak last couple of days myself... Of course, it sounds like you have a legitimate reason with your health and intolerance and all.

Anyway, thanks again, and I'll be checking on you and your progress and it is inspiring! :-)

sybilizedliving.wordpress.com said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The website that has some very interesting recipes is http://cleochatra.blogspot.com. If you haven't tried her 'oopsies' yet, I highly recommend them.

Love your beach pictures!

kate said...

beautiful photos margieanne thanks for sharing them with us. you have such a beautiful family. and the pussy cat is a gem!