Monday, May 5, 2008


We were delighted to wake up to a sunny morning. Storm all gone. The day has been a little cloudy with the odd light shower and cool south wind but also warm & sunny so typical mixed weather for May.

Mum's 93rd birthday.

Jay got Mum's breakfast while I wrapped her door mat in such a way it was a mission to open. I think she enjoyed having her first gift of the day to open while still in bed. Once I'd had my breakfast I began upstairs, getting things ready for lunch. The cake looked pretty good when I'd finished. A round sponge cake layered with raspberry jam & whipped cream then topped with chocolate icing/frosting and walnuts, - all according to how Mum did things for her grandchildren. Then I had bought 2 children's number candles '9 3' Jay made a couple of quiche, one with bacon & the other for the non bacon and meat eaters. I made a really colourful salad with shredded iceberg lettuce, red & yellow capsicum, grated carrot, a little finely sliced onion, cucumber & tomato. We had a choice of relish & dressings, fresh sourdough bread, butter & the cake. There were 3 grandchildren and their partners, myself & TWJ. Mum commented that it was much better than going to a restaurant because she could put her feet up when she felt like it and we do have a spectacular view .... so why go to the bother of going out.

My sister arrived this afternoon so they will share a nice dinner. What with phone calls and neighbours popping in it has been a full on day for Mum. TWJ & I have come home to Matarangi for what is probably our last 2 nights here for the next 7 weeks. We are having a very simple tea, tomatoes & sausages which are cooking while we wait for our eldest son & his partner. They are sleeping here another night before heading back South to their home near Christchurch.

I kept my Gym appointment this afternoon. Half an hour before going I nearly baled out as I felt so tired but I loaded up on coffee , Nestle instant cappuccino with sugar, and that gave me enough of a buzz to get there. Justin ..... yes Justin is the name of the chief trainer, gave me a program to improve general fitness and strengthen my upper back & whatever you call the muscle in the front of the thigh. I was thrilled to manage all that he gave me ... just. And I lasted 2 minutes on the cross-trainer. I thought it was a pretty good work out that took me as far as I should go for starters. ... But I thought I had something left until I went up & down the stairs at Mum's and my legs wanted to cave in under me. That felt quite funny. I will go again on Thursday or Friday morning. It might take me a couple of weeks to get into a routine.

I am so glad I have taken this step. It feels as though I am really going to reach my goals of improving my general health, fitness and achieving my optimum weight. Yay Me!


Anne said...

93 - what a great age:-) You have made your Mum's birthday a special one by the sounds of it.

Do admire you for getting back to the gym, can be a hard step to make. I'm starting a pilates class this week. Bit dubious but keen to give it a go.

kate said...

93 whew!! and she sounds like she is doing really well :) im glad you all had a nice day and im glad that you liked the gym margie. you are doing great things for your health mate :)