Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm fairly tired again tonight. TWJ & I walked together on the beach this morning. We had a small detour to let the farmer know he had a couple of sheep eating someone's lawn. The sheep had come down the hill and across the stream. Farmer Pete took off on his 4 wheeled motorbike with the dog, grumbling about sheep that won't cross water when you want them to but will if they decide to wander.

Sis went home this morning so I was responsible for Mum's dinner again. Mum said she had far too much cold meat. Sis had cooked her a lovely leg of lamb but only Mum to eat it as Sis is vegetarian. Mum thought she'd like Shepherd's Pie. I have noticed she is hankering after meals from her childhood or early years. Shepherd's pie is made by mincing cold meat with an onion or two, moistening the meat with tomato sauce and topping it with mashed potato. I really upset my shoulder muscles mincing the meat. Mum's old mincer wouldn't stay fixed to the table so while I turned the handle I had to hold it down as well. I was so glad when 8 pm came and we finished work tonight. There are at least 2 more servings of pie. I should fix them up and freeze them for Mum.

Today I have had 3 meals & 3 snacks for a total of aproximately 60 gm carbohydrates.

Breakfast - Smoothie, Lunch - beef and lettuce etc. salad, Dinner - Shepherd's Pie sans potato with salad, and three snacks of tuna, LF cheese Snack about 10 cashew nuts and 6 rice crackers.

It's been a beautiful day here and the night has a frosty feel. It's good to be tucked up warm in bed.



Skinny Inside said...

Hi MargieAnne, I just wanted to check in with you-you're doing great! Nearly a week down:-) Things are hectic here, but I'm doing well food and exercise wise. It's a scorching summer day here so I'm trying to do some outside stuff while my son is at school. My husband is going away on a work "retreat" for the weekend, so I'm trying to get all my big chores done so I can enjoy time with the boy. {{{cyber hugs}}}

kate said...

hi margieanne

sorry i havent been around to respond to your blog or on sfl i have been away on holidays. just popping in to say hello. its time to pull my socks up and get this weight off. my short term goal is my school reunion in august. so i better get cracking!
love to you

Karen said...

Shepherd's Pie ... yummmmm. :-)

I made one recently using the reminder of a roast leg of lamb. Fortunately, we have two stores near us, that stock NZ and Australian lamb. Something I'm very happy about as American lamb has a rather strange taste to it...