Saturday, 24 May 2008


I have finally added Blogs I am reading to my sidebar. I want to thank all of you for your generousity in sharing your lives, your highs and lows and showing me that this journey to lose weight and gain health and fitness is possible no matter who we are or what our personal struggles are. The Blogging World has definitely become my latest addiction and I need it because I have no other support except on line.

Because I am so new to the Blogging World I wasn't too sure about what is polite & what is not, so I decided to warn you I had added you to my sidebar. I will continue to add other Blogs as I add them to my Reader. TWJ is not impressed by the time I spend reading so I am adding at a slower rate now, *giggle* If you are reading and I haven't yet caught up with you please let me know and I will read your Blog and add you pronto.

Didn't want to cause unnecessary offence. I am so pleased to find I have readers ... Oh my - I write words that are read .... Wow.

I will now expand on the subject of support. My family and friends are very supportive of my goals to lose weight. Trouble is, what they say doesn't always sit well with me so I have learned to make as few comments as possible. Don't you find yourself bored out of your tree when people go on about the latest diet, what they are eating or losing, what foods you should/should not eat, how much weight they have lost, need to lose etc. I hear the smug comments from people who have no idea of the battle going on in my body & mind. I hear the food police coming down with heavy handed self righteousness. I hear disbelief that anyone, especially me, has no idea when to stop eating or how to, when my body has had enough nutrients for the day. I hear disbelief that the way I eat or that my portion sizes can possibly be part of a healthy weight loss program. I hear shocked comments when I decide to have a treat whether it is part of the plan or a temporary diversion. Then there is the one who needs to lose weight as much as I do who gets as angry as I feel when I try to discuss what I am doing and whether it is healthy and working or not.

It has become easier to do this in a secret place and smile nicely with as little interaction as possible on the subject.

I have real problems over how those close to me are reacting. I should be dead to this by now but I'm not, and something like rebellion rises up within. Even nice comments can sometimes set off a negative reaction ..... What do they mean? Is that a backhanded compliment? What have they really been thinking about me? I can see that all this just shows how self centred I really am and how super-sensitive I am.

I am working on accepting all comments from family & friends at face value and offering a gracious Thank-you. I need to work harder at this and maybe as I do what I am saying on the outside will become truth on the inside.

Somehow I don't react as negatively in this Internet World. Maybe it is because we have all experienced the awful comments that are meant to be helpful but sound more like put-downs to our sensitive souls. We have all struggled with weight/body-image issues and suffered from cruel words.

Day 2 Protein Day .... The plan ... Breakfast will be a Berry Smoothie, and I'll keep my total carbs for the day around 20gm. I am also going to the gym. I have a lot of steps to catch up. My hair/scalp needs 'The Treatment.' This afternoon I work 4 - 8pm. It's a bit rough outside. The sea has roared all night and the high-tide came up to the grass verge.

Love & Blessings to you all
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