Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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I am proud that I have come to bed tonight, away from the kitchen when all I want to do is eat. I have stayed on plan except that I am short of a couple of snacks earlier in the day and it is too late now. This is the 2nd time this week ....Sunday being the other when I could have turned to comfort eating. Everytime I avoid the munchies I grow stronger. That's my belief anyway.

Yesterday I did really well. Ate to plan and exercised at the gym. The beach has continued to be rough and unpleasant so again I didn't go for a walk outside today. I also feel very tired .... I usually take at least one day each week to simply Blob-Out, but that is becoming more difficult as I fit in gym sessions & work. Today we went to Matarangi where I did my laundry in the nice clear water there. We have good safe water here but it is tea coloured ... doesn't do much for my whites and pretty colours.

I have just realised I have said I would post food & exercise each day as part of the 2 week challenge, and I haven't been doing it.

Today I have done no significant exercise.
I had a strawberry/protein smoothie for breakfast, at about 11.30am. I make my own with 1/2 cup milk, 15gm whey powder, 1/4 cup thick, plain yoghurt, (greek style), and about 1/4 cup frozen berries.
About 2 pm I made a salad of lettuce, celery, carrot & spring onion, (scallion), with an 85gm can of lite tuna and 15ml Paul Newman Light Honey Mustard Dressing. About 6 pm I had slices of beef roast, that I forgot to weigh, with lettuce leaves and carrot sticks. I ate a whole fresh persimmon and 1/2 cup WW jelly.
To top up I had 1/4 of a protein bar and 20 gm LF cheese for supper. I've drunk less than 2 lt. today.

Summary:- 3 meals & 1 snack with an estimated total of 50 gm Carbohydrate.
6 large mugs of herbal tea unsweetened.
No exercise.
Negative ketosis
A lttle more weight gone.

Too tired to write anything interesting ..... Goodnight & God Bless.


Irish Mom said...

Sorry the weather has no been agreeable!! We are finally getting some nice days, this has been an odd spring!! Right to summer we go!! Way to avoid the munchies, thats a tough one. How are you doing on the Healthy Challenge Walk? isn't it fun to see our journey highlighted & see how far we can go as a team!!

Cammy said...

Good for you for avoiding the unnecessary snacking!

We need to find ways to get the comfort in without the food part. :)

Honi said...

sounds like you had a lovely day .. your food choices look great to.. whats WW jelly? is that like jello? just curious..
have a great evening.

Hippygal said...

Really must get into protein smoothies as well. Might try one on the weekend.... We had the most awesome weather today.....

Karen said...

Congratulations. You sound as though you are doing really well.

The weather is beginning to improve here. We have had a really strange start to spring. I went for a bike ride this morning, then came home and stretched out on the couch with the dogs and watched my NASCAR race. :-) Now I'm catching up on some neglected reading of my blog roll.