Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm getting told off for being a lazy so and so but it's cosy here and I'm still tired from our big day out.

Jay & Os are in Bali with Jay's cousin so we can forget about them for a few weeks except for keeping up with their news. I hope they have a wonderful time. Not sure whether Jay will come home alone. Os is homesick and could stay but then there isn't much of a life for him back in Turkey. He won't have the same opportunity to earn an income. Either way is OK with us and we will have to wait and see.

We had good trip to Auckland on Monday evening but a horrendous tea. The only place we found open was a Fish & Chip shop bcause the Cafe we aimed for closed for renovations. I had deep fried scallops & chips. The others had hamburgers but the fillings went cold because they didn't heat the buns. Yuk.

Our Motel was quiet but we didn't fancy the restaurant so TWJ indulged me and drove through umpteen suburbs so we could have brunch in Parnell, once a very trendy cafe scene, and still full of cafes and boutique style shops. It's an historic suburb, settled in Auckland's earliest days, so nice to browse around. We ended up at a car yard after I'd spent a shocking amount on patchwork fabrics. We came home with 2 cars. We bought a 1995 Honda Rafaga. It's a cool car, a little bit sporty and I had so much fun driving through the hills. TWJ was jealous and can't wait to have a good drive in it. It's the wrong colour ... dark silver/grey. I'll try and save to have a more colourful paint job. Our old car is bright lavender. I hope it's as economical to run as we've been told because it's hard to find much in the way of detail about it because it was only produced 1993-97, but it is supposed to be one of their good quality/luxury models made in Japan. The big choke was filling it with petrol.... over $100 at the pump. Won't want to let it get empty too often.

My eating was terrible from Monday tea until I went to sleep last night but I kept up my exercise program. Today is a longer walk on the beach, dentist and work. It will take us a few days to get into the 'new' routine of being here with Mum without Jay around.

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Mama Bear June said...

Walking on the beach sounds like so much fun! Keep making healthy choices!

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