Thursday, 1 May 2008


Today ends the 3rd week on the Lean For Life Program except that I haven't been doing it properly so of course am not seeing the results I wanted. I guess the best I can say is that I am generally eating better and exercising more than I was a month ago. Today is also May 1st & that means 1/3 of 2008 is already behind us. The only thing I want to say about that is I have lived the best I could but am disappointed I have not been more disciplined with eating & exercise.

I made an appointment for an assessment at the gym for next Monday at 3 pm. That is after Mum's birthday lunch so I won't want to eat anything that makes it hard for me to exercise. I think TWJ is a bit annoyed with me because last time I joined I gave up part way through. I can't remember what distracted me now. My plan is to go on Monday, Wednesday & Saturdays but if the weather is foul I can go more often.

I have also registered us for Cruise Alaska. At this stage it has cost me $US200 which we lose if don't go. I think I'm going to keep this a secret from TWJ & surprise him on his birthday in December. I'll have to pull my head in a bit financially. So far I've been paid about $400 and spent over $100 on shoes, booked us on the Cruise, committed to parting with $175 for the gym and having my hair cut & coloured tomorrow .... another $120 +. TWJ doesn't keep a close eye on our finances so he is unlikely to know exactly what I've been up to. That makes it sound as though I do a lot of things behind his back but what he doesn't know won't hurt him and I don't have to deal with his anger or negativism. He's wonderful but not perfect.

I also re-organised my goals to work from where I am now and take me to where I plan to be June 2009.

Rule of Thumb Weight/Height Ratio For Women

5 feet - 100lb

add 5lb for every inch over 5'

I am 5'2" therefore should weigh 110lb

Converts to 50kg

I can't imagine weighing so little so I'm going to aim for 56.5kg which still seems very low to me but makes calculations simple and is also aproximately my lowest remembered weight as an adult.

I might adjust this goal as I get closer because I still think this is on the skinny side. The ultmate goal is to wear my Wedding Dress again.

My start weight is 95.5 recorded at the beginning of this 6 weeks cycle. Currently I am weighing 6 weekly because the scales were driving me bananas. My original start weight was 112.4kg so I began this effort 17 kg lighter. I need to lose a further 39kg My first goal is to lose 5 kg and then in 5kg increments until I have completed this task.

The LEAN FOR LIFE programme is 6 weeks which I repeat until I reach my target weight of 56.4kg. I have a total of 39 kg to lose.

My long term progress has not been spectacular so this could take 8 or more cycles of 6 weeks .... that would be somewhere around 48 weeks and I have given myself 56. I am not being unrealistic in setting these goals. They are absolutely achievable.

I started the current 6 weeks on May 11th 2008. today is the last day of week 3 and a sneak look at the scales says I am 93 kg so half way to my first 5 kg goal.

I have 8 x 5 kg celebrations and will choose the reward as I start each new 5 kg.

My first reward will be getting a pedicure.

Today our roads were busy with beautiful cars of all description. Take a look http://www.beachhop.co.nz Today was Cruise Around The Peninsula with leisurely stops along the way. There are hundreds of cars, classic, vintage, hot-rods such a buzz and very festive. I love it all.
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