Tuesday, 20 May 2008


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I'm beginning to feel better so should be out walking tomorrow.

Today is Prep Day 1. of LFL. So I have been reading my work-book and getting my head into the right space.

My goal is to be under 85 kg, (187 lb) on Friday, July 4th.

I've been thinking about one of the reasons I mess about .... This one is going to sound very weird....

.... It is very easy for me to lose weight. It comes off at a good rate as long as I eat according to a healthy weight loss plan and do sensible amounts of exercise. That's all I have to do and I know that very well. I don't struggle for every gram I lose, the fat just goes if I live right.

Because I lose weight successfully there is always this thought going on in the background ...... "It doesn't matter if I eat this today because I know that all I have to do is get back on my program and I will be losing weight again."

That sounds stupid even to me. No wonder I am always losing the same old kilograms.

There is another thing going on in my head. Right now I feel fairly comfortable in my body. I have very few clothes that are too tight, most things are comfortable or loose. I look OK. Not slim but not too gross as long as I'm covered in nice clothes. I still have some stylish clothes which look good and I get compliments on how I look. I can walk, I can bend and cross my legs, I can enjoy going to the gym .... There is very little I want to do that I cannot do. OK I would have trouble walking to Cathedral Cove over 3 steep hills and lots of steps right now but that's only fitness.

This attitude spells Danger, Danger, DANGER!

I really, really want to wear my wedding dress again as a sign I can get my weight to normal range again.

It seems as though the only true motivator I now have is health & fitness and the personal satisfaction of doing something special.

Maybe this is part of growing older .... I'm not going to look like Cindy Crawford or any other model. Our marriage is comfortable so I don't have the sexual attraction thing going on either. It's not as important as it once was.

The only person I am doing this for is myself. The only reason I have is to improve my health and hopefully longevity ..... enjoyment of life.

To do this I have to believe I am worth the effort. That's an interesting thought. Right back to basics.

Tomorrow I am going to work on my list of reasons to do Lean For Life.

To see Cathedral Cove go to http://whitianga.co.nz/hahei.html
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